Impending Return

Impending Return

Postby Cinnabar » Mon Nov 11, 2013 7:30 am

From the north, a flurry of letters; elegant script on simple paper, with the return address given as a coaching inn on the North Passage Down.

To Acting-Governor Aloisius Treadwell at the Myrkentown Meetinghouse
Acting-Governor Treadwell

I - and indeed all Myrken - owe you a debt of thanks for your work in delivering the town from Rhaena Olwak's unlawful rule, and not least for your efforts in forestalling any unfortunate lapses in public order.

Governor Burnie lives but has been weakened by recent events, and so must request that you carry the burden of his office for a while longer yet, until he is fit enough to shoulder them himself. You are entirely experienced enough in public service that he feels confident in leaving such matters to your discretion and entrusting you with safeguarding the stability of the province until then. You are a familiar and dependable figure, Aloisius, and I am certain that we - Governor Burnie, myself and the people of Myrken Wood - can rely on you to bring a much-needed dose of good sense to the workings of government, and to curb any undesirable excesses.

In order to avoid unduly taxing his recovery Governor Burnie will remain at a distance from public affairs until such time as he feels capable of performing his duties to the high standard he requires of himself. When the time arrives I am certain he will contact you directly.



To Marshall Ariane Carnath-Emory at Darkenhold
Marshall Emory

First, I must apologise for the delay in this letter being written; matters surrounding Rhaena Olwak's fall from power have been understandably confusing, and it has taken this long to be certain that it is safe to make contact. I am glad - no, delighted to hear word of your restoration, as evidenced by your excellent and efficacious command of the Militia in the retaking of Myrkentown. Steel suits you far better than silk.

In the unlikely event that Miss Wynsee has not yet brought this news to your ear, I can confirm that Governor Burnie lives. His recent misadventures have taken their toll - more upon his body than his mind, I am glad to say - and he means to return to his duties at earliest opportunity. For now he is safe, and recovering well from his ordeal. It is my personal assessment that he will be every bit as capable of serving Myrken as Governor as before his imprisonment. Possibly moreso.

He offers his thanks for your stalwart work in removing the Foundation's thugs from the streets, and requests that you continue in your efforts towards stability and preservation of the peace, and in countering the vengeful impulses that may be displayed by those most grievously oppressed. In particular he has concern for Agnieszka, who played an instrumental (if involuntary) role in that oppression.

It is best that the Governor remain at a remove from his duties until such a point as he feels capable of assuming them once again. Be assured, however, that he will return, and soon.



To Miss Genevieve Tolleson at the offices of the Inquisitory
Miss Tolleson

Your suspicions were correct. The Governor has been found and retrieved from the Pit, and intends to return soon to his post. You have his gratitude and mine for your exemplary work and unflinching loyalty in the face of danger to both body and mind.

For the time being, please do all you can to ensure that the Inquisitory renders all assistance possible to Acting-Governor Treadwell and Marshall Emory in the performance of their duties - it is imperative that we preserve and fortify what stability and public order remains, as only from a stable foundation can the work of repair begin.



To Miss Gloria Wynsee at the Broken Dagger Tavern
Miss Wynsee

I trust you made a safe return to civilisation, and have recovered well from your time in the Pit. I regret that I could not aid you further or indeed accompany you to Myrkentown, and hope that you understand and forgive my reasons for remaining at a distance from the events that transpired there in the immediate aftermath of Rhaena Olwak's removal.

Governor Burnie recovers well, and I will insist that he well remember your brave and invaluable assistance. Be assured that he will return to his office before too long, and set right what has gone astray over recent seasons. Meanwhile I commend you to meet with Miss Genevieve Tolleson of the Inquisitory and Marshall Ariane Carnath-Emory of the Defence Committee, who I feel would greatly prize your unswerving principles and strength of character, and find constructive applications for both in the service of Myrken Wood.

You are an extraordinary young lady, and I look forward to hearing of your future successes.

Again, my thanks.


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Re: Impending Return

Postby Carnath-Emory » Mon Nov 11, 2013 12:52 pm


This is a justified concern. The Chairwoman is equipped with a rotating guard during her recuperation; due to the concerns which you cite,
these are men hand-chosen from amongst the Constabulary and Militia both. Sera Wynsee has provided certain details. The rest, I think,
can wait or must.

Reluctantly, I will postpone a visit.

You have all my thanks. You are owed far more.

Marshall Emory
Myrken Defense Committee

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Re: Impending Return

Postby Rance » Mon Nov 11, 2013 3:36 pm

Dear Msa. CC,

(Because for all the girl could scarcely remember how to say his name, she'd not dare to decimate it with her poor Standard)--

It is a releaf to read your words as tanjible things I may touch with a fingertip as for many days I thought to myself you were surely a figment of some order locked in my skull, for you are sence where the Black Man was naught; I am not sure how I fair after the Pit for I am still in want of a finger and its accompanying Hour, but some bleak gutters are meant not to be dredged. You see.

I am happy mostly that you are well and that G. Burnie is too; the secret in my heart is that I could not be more enamored that the Black Man with who I came to Golbin appears no longer fit for life - I am not a girl what would wish jua wh wanton undeservt death onto a thing, but he was only a shadow of a being and I bear him no more thoughts even now in his death.

Your compliaments are comforting but not needed, I fear I am neither brave nor involul valuable; may things be set so easily right? Here they hang men, here they hang men and women both and I will give to Ariane what I may against all insalent natures of mine to resist aiding what SHE may have toucht. but SHE toucht us all, and I am wanting for friends -

Thank you. For aiding the g. in his time of necessedy, for the kindness of your coin and your sootheing words, I may wish one day we shall have tea perhaps, there is so much tea to be had, there is so very much.


Glour'eya Wynsee

And what she could not ask was what she wished to inquire of this quiet paragon the most: Do you remember at all, or was the Hour as dark for you as it was for me?
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Re: Impending Return

Postby Treadwell » Tue Nov 12, 2013 8:00 am

A letter!



Glasses are smudged onto plump nose, and letter is studied. Giddy mirth erupts in giggles and merriment--Burnie lives!--and promptly erupts into gut-wrenching hoo-haws of laughter: curb any undesirable excesses? Aloisius Treadwell is quite the embodiment of excess, itself!

It takes a few moments for the uproarious Acting Governor to write back and send the note on its way properly.

= = = = =


'Tis splendid to know that Burnie lives; do send him all best wishes from me, my dear Alice, our children, my brother and sister, and the rest of Myrken. We all await his safe return. In addition, he'll not have to worry about my ruining his system of affairs in his office; I still have my official residence in my Councilor's room, save a few books of the law I've seen fit to pull from his shelves and study for review.

I would advise a proper review of all Council seats on Governor Burnie's return. I trust not Berdini for reasons of my own, and the other two were quite absent during these travails of the last months. I should hope my own record of works is certainly admirable so to merit continued service beyond his impending trip home.

Aloisius H. Treadwell

= = = = =
"Looks like a table to me. Do you think it could hold up someone as bulbous as Treadwell?" -- Dr. Brennan, Myrken Wood Rememdium Edificium
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Re: Impending Return

Postby Tolleson » Wed Nov 20, 2013 9:39 am

Mister Calomel,

Thank you for thinking to write to me. Your gratitude is an honor, though it pains me to accept as I can only offer you my apologies. It was never my intent to take you from your family on such an errand.

The Inquisitory will remain open. Though our capacity is greatly diminished, I have sought a closer partnership with the constabulary. My hope is to help detect not only the killer who has slain the lady Olwak but put to rest the suspicion and fears arisen from the confusion that followed.

Of course, I will aid however I am able, both the Councilor Treadwell and the Marshall. Our primary goal will be to maintain the peace and offer stability where we are able. Perhaps on this, and the former matter, you have counsel? Let us find a time to have tea, tell me what you can or will and teach me. I hope you will not take the request as too forward, but rather a testament that I value your insight and experience in Myrken, it is presently a perspective we desperately require.

May the Gods be good to you, with sincerity,
Genevieve Tolleson

Post Script:
Word of Mister Burnie is most appreciated. Should you see him again, inform him I have locked his office and all is safe.
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