Plans for the upcoming winter.

Re: Plans for the upcoming winter.

Postby Glenn » Tue Jan 07, 2014 2:53 pm

Well, you put your neck out and that was what tended to happen. Burnie smiled as she stood. Did he dismiss her? He might not have been aware of it. There wasn't much Burnie wasn't aware of though, not when it came to this sort of thing. Maybe he just saw it as saying goodbye, his own way, a way that wasn't sentimental, that didn't push it. Still, a dismissal with a thanks was better than a lot of what she might get. As for being beholden, well, that was different entirely. He had seen it as helping a friend, maybe even a sister, maybe even more. He had seen it as a lot of things, reclaiming Myrken's property, reclaiming its princess, not the one they wanted, but the one they deserved.

The sort you could dismiss when you had to. "Bye Agnie. Mind who sees you go where and what they're carrying." Delirious, fevered humor. Never the best idea. It wasn't a bad motto for Burnie's Myrken though.
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