Returning Home: The Tubbians

Returning Home: The Tubbians

Postby Treadwell » Thu Oct 02, 2014 1:18 pm

Late night of the second day of the tenth month, going into the third day, 214.

The Church of Tubbius.

The office of Tubbius Regalis Aloisius Treadwell.

"James. . . ."

"My Lord?"

"It's not a decision I've come to lightly. To think that not three months ago, I was planning a second Council of the Round. Now, I've come to worry that, mmph, if I'm not to draw potential ire from the king and his men, all of whom are believers of their One True Faith, it would be best to ask the Tubbians here to depart for the safety of the church where all this began."

"There's no shame in it all, Lord Tubbius. You are thought no less for it. But why ought this worry even arise?"

"It's simple, mmph. We are the minority, here: fifty in this town, a little over two hundred total across Amasynia, not counting the fairies of Hibera. This town and its surroundings are just recovering from a famine, mmph, and even if we did help alleviate some of that with our own pigs and stores, the Tubbians are still ever suspect that we're at the heart of any other shortages to come. Add to that the One True Faith's having a history of, ahem, getting its way, hm hm? This. . . Well, this is a move I see necessary with foresight, whether I'm right or not."

Treadwell lets forth a wheeeeeeze of a breath.

"I care for this province, James, mmph mmph, as much as I do for this Church. I want the best for both of them. But. . . were I not stuck here dealing with an absent king's business for likely years to come?"

"You would come with us, My Lord. All will be quite well, good Tubbius. As the divine, you are with your faithful in spirit if not in your blessed body."

"Mmph. I can't be expected to lead the Church, James, and govern Myrken Wood, and likely end up sitting on its Council. King Chedwry would certainly turn a grave countenance on such, hmph. Therefore you, Tubbius Princeps, are to lead in my stead, of course, until such a time that I'm freed from this whole situation and can rejoin the lot of you, mmph mmph, should that time ever come."

"And if it shouldn't, then I continue as you asked for as long as I have breath. Now, what shall we do with the pigs?"

"Either slaughter them properly and sell the meat, or donate it to the poor, mmph, or take it with you, or drive them alongside. Likely some of each would be best."

"And this Church building?"

"It's in my name. I've plans for it already. One of my new servant girls at home, one Sascha, mmph, has plans for an orphanage. This building would be suitable to such, I think, and would be a pleasing use of the facilities. Besides, it would let me keep an office here, mmph, as benefactor and owner of the building. I wouldn't have to give up the hot spring below and the property around, mmph mmph."

"Very well."

"Do you think that they will take well to this, James?"

"The ones not Myrken born should accept it. We traveled for how long to seek you here, My Lord? Now we but continue doing what you ask. The ones who live here in Myrken, such as your town crier, Jack Alldale?"

A shrug of the shoulders.

"Lord Tubbius, you may wish to speak to them personally as you find the time."

"Of course."

A sniff. A sniffle. Plump tears roll slowly down plumper cheeks. An embrace from arms in voluminous sleeves.

"Shush, shush. All will be well. We shall leave in the next few days, but we will stay in proper contact once we're settled again."

Another squoosh of arms around shoulders.

"And to think! This but allows you to focus your suitable talents to seeing the best for this land, just as you have done for us!"
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Re: Returning Home: The Tubbians

Postby Treadwell » Sun Jan 08, 2017 6:08 am

Night of the seventh day of the first month, 217.


Aloisius Treadwell arrived at home late in the night after a discussion with one Lady Tubbian Lavinia Davors of Chigurh. Part of him merely wanted to fall asleep and then to summon forth, to Tubbius's Endless Plain, the spirit of his second-in-command, James Wilde, thus telling him directly of the need for the former Tubbians of Myrkentown to return home to their church immediately. It would have been the fastest, simplest, and easiest way to contact the man, and, given the potential threats to the Tubbians and to Treadwell, easiest might be best.

However, Treadwell decided, there is absolutely nothing wrong with more conventional means. Why ought he frighten Mr. Wilde awake into Tubbius's presence, naked and terrified while he received the orders of a god? A simple letter would do. That letter would be sent out with a sizable payment to ensure speed and haste. When Treadwell and town crier Jack Alldale had first found the original home church belonging to the Tubbians, it had taken them almost four days of sluggish riding. That had been in a carriage pulled by his Arnold, with many frequent stops, most of them for meals, in poor conditions. With proper haste and good roads, and stops to rest the horse or to change horses, perhaps, someone younger and alone ought to make the distance in half the time or better.

= = = = = = =

To James Wilde, Tubbius Princeps of the faith,

This night of the seventh of the first month, 217,

Forgive the brevity of this letter, but I have little time for pleasantries, I fear. There is a great bother and commotion about the Church and about Tubbius here and in other cities. I need you and your Tubbian brothers to return home to Myrkentown immediately. We must gather here, again, to show all around us what it means to live for Tubbius. In doing so, we root out any false Tubbians, and we set the example for all to see.

Bring all that you have, and take up residence again in the Myrken Church building. You might find it occupied in part by another, smaller branch of the faith; these are led by Lady Tubbian Lavinia Davors and her fellow faithful, originally from Chigurh. They were forced out of their home town after a failed harvest in 215 and have been moving around ever since. They are more than welcome here.

Should there be too many people, possessions, and pigs for too little room, I shall endeavor to have the building added on to in short order. That may certainly be necessary.

With all sincerity,
Aloisius Treadwell, Tubbius Regalis
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