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All roads had a certain sameness to them. The curves, the dirt and rocks packed into firmness - or not, if it were raining. The way branches trailed down too close, or the rock-topped fences of fields that marched alongside. When you traveled so many miles, one piece of the road almost certainly looked like another. It took a few moments before she realized that there was more than that to this crossroads. More than just the similarities that all roads bore. She had been here before. Many times.

She stopped, shifting her weight back on the gelding's saddle.

She hadn't intended to come back here. Then again, she hadn't intended not to. How long had it been? She had no idea. She'd never quite taken to their way of marking time, measuring it out in months and years. A journey lasted as long as it took and here, for all that the roads were laid out before you, the path was less clear.

The roads had taken her all over. She'd seen the cold northern wastes, the hot dusty plains. She'd seen the ocean. What was this place, compared to the ocean?

She paled, her face growing gray. The gelding stood firm as she swayed in the saddle, as if accustomed to such irregularities. It didn't last long, in any case, and she straightened again, considering the crossroads before her with no expression on her scarred features.

She turned the gelding left, legging him into a trot.

To Myrken Wood.
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