Loose and Dangling Ends

Loose and Dangling Ends

Postby Glenn » Wed May 10, 2017 5:45 am

Glenn Burnie's letters had a way of ending up with whom they were intended. Money might have had something to do with that, or maybe it was connections, or even lingering information from years past that still bore fruit in a stubborn, sometimes unchanging place. Nonetheless, a letter would arrive to young (though not quite as young as he had been) N'Vek from the grimy yet competent hands of an insistent urchin.


I pen this letter from a point of distance, both in miles and in years, from Myrken Wood. I imagine you still reside there. If not, this letter would likely not reach you after all (so on this point, at least, I do not claim great genius and insight). In thinking back, I realized that I did not know of your fate. It left me to wonder. Of all that I met in Myrken, you were unique in your embracing of your malady. Let us not call it anything else, either. You were cursed outright. It was not, I would say, a transformation that provided you with discernible skills or ability. Myrken is woefully landlocked. You might have found some level of fortune, or at least a livelihood, by the sea. Instead, you settled in a place where you could not make any positive use at all of your gifts. I wonder if that was to avoid a repetition of the experience of the cursing itself, if that event caused some sort of trauma to you. Or perhaps you were just more likely to be eaten by the coast. That is, I think, a joke.

But yes, to reiterate, you met your fate with a certain optimism otherwise unseen in the province. It may have have opened you up to danger occasionally, for you were somewhat less inclined to run from it, but in our conversations, I found you to be young, somewhat innocent despite your experiences, but not a simpleton. You were a boy that could have been taught numbers and figures, that might have otherwise been trained in laws or customs. In looking back I find so many such opportunities squandered through circumstance, outside influence, and our own failings. For that, you have my apology. I still think it would have better served you to find you a cure as well. Life is especially hard on those with gentle souls, never more so when they are discernibly and obviously different from their fellows. While your desire to stand out and be your own person was admirable, sometimes the most striking and individual decision is not necessarily the most mature. Still, even though I was not to accomplish the latter, the former was well within my power.

I hope that you have found some trade, some path. While my name no longer has much positive influence in Myrken Wood, know that I would offer you a letter of introduction to help offset any sort of prejudice you may otherwise face, in as much as I can speak to your honesty, earnestness, and good nature. If you are still afflicted and have decided that you wish to find a remedy, I would offer some degree of assistance in such an endeavor as well. Myrken makes monsters of us all in time. Some may say that life itself does that but I think the geographical limitation is more accurate. I hope it has not made one of you as I hope that seeing the monstrous acts of so many of us who had been situated in the province has not made you less than you once were.

In only the best of faith,
Glenn Burnie
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