Stones Unturned

Stones Unturned

Postby Glenn » Mon May 22, 2017 3:02 am


While we were never particularly close, I think you well know that I pride myself on my intelligence, on my ability to solve mysteries and get to the very bottom of things. I am going to hold all those things in check here. As I look back at my tenure as Governor, a position I never wanted for numerous reasons, not the least of which being how it constrains someone from actually getting things done, I look at your ill-timed demise, stubbornness not to stay dead, and the ensuing rioting as the first of many black marks. Obviously, it was my own folly to choose someone so relatively new to the province to service in an important role, but in Myrken, we often must make the best of what we had, and I had little question of your ability to actually do the job. All too often, "actually doing the job" is the very least of our worries, of course.

This is a rare gesture from me, but I am currently taking what closure that I can. I have no plans to return to Myrken Wood in the near-future. I am, moreso than that, trying not to be an active presence in the province. Therefore, while I could rudely upend whatever peace you may have found in the years that have followed, and I do wish for that for you, whether you believe it or not, my desire for some closure some answers will not mean that I plague you with inquiries and spies and whatever else. You can respond to this with a snippy bit of rancor, and there'll be no actual consequence. I write this letter in good faith and out of honest curiosity, no more. Moreover, whatever answer you provide will not be shared. I'll gladly burn your letter.

So, in short (and this is short for me, I hope you understand), I will just ask: just what did happen all those years ago? How did you die? How did you come back? Why that and why then?

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