Birthday Gifts

Birthday Gifts

Postby Treadwell » Thu Jun 01, 2017 3:28 am

Saturday, the thirteenth day of the fifth month, 217.
The tailor shop of Regis and Lilah Drivel.

"It's just an outfit for Aloisius to sleep in, Regis, something for him to wear around the house or to bed. The one he wears the most is wearing out, mostly between the thighs and under the arms. Now, we both know that he cannot see colors right, and I do, and I like pink. You know his most recent set of measurements, yes? He has been eating much with his Tubbians as of late. I am quite sure he has put on flesh the last couple of months; my husband is a fattening hog."

"Of course, Alice. I shall have it ready to pick up in three days."

Monday, the fifteenth day of the fifth month, 217.
The tailor shop of Regis and Lilah Drivel.
Mid-day, just after lunch.

"Regis, mmph, our birthday is coming soon, mine and Alice's. I want to buy her a new nightgown, mmph. Hers is a little worn; it is starting to tear in places; there is already a place at her lower back, where she itches, hm hm, and the fabric is wearing thin at her hips. We both know, hrm, that she prefers pink. As to her size, well, to be truthful, she has been eating a bit much with me and the children as of late, mmph, and we have always stayed about the same size. I reckon you can fashion something using my measurements, hm? If you ask me, mmph, and say nothing to her of this, Alice has been fattening like a pig the last two months."

"Of course, Aloisius. I will have it ready in two days."

Thursday, the first day of the sixth month, 217.
The bedroom of Aloisius and Alice Treadwell.
Dawn, before breakfast.

"A new jumper to sleep in, love? Thank you, hm hm!"

"We will start by getting you out of that green one you have worn out and getting you into this one. We need to make sure it fits."

"But your gown, here?"

"It can wait a moment. Now, stop wiggling, Aloisius, and stand still."

Buttons are undone soon enough, and the green, worn out pajamas come off. In short order, the new, pink one is wriggled into with the help of the bed for maintaining balance.

"Mmph mmph! It fits wonderfully!"

"I have yet to button the thing, love."


Moments later?

"Good, good! Snug and comfortable! Now, your gown, darling, hm hm?"

And now the roles reverse, with husband's fat fingers finding the buttons on the wife's garment. Soon disrobed, Alice finds herself staring at the new gown as it hangs in Aloisius's pudgy hands.

"It looks a little large, Allie."

"Oooooh, just put it on!"

With that, Mr. Treadwell slowly circles his beloved wife, taking much care in helping her slip arms into sleeves. In moments, he, too, finds himself working to worm buttons through holes. At the end of it all, a simple, "Well?"

A moment's reflection. A smoothing of hands down breasts and belly. An enormous grin across his wife's face.

"It fits perfectly! And what of yours, Allie?"

"The same, mmph, the same! Now, darling, hm hm, I think I can smell breakfast."

"As do I. Onward?"


Thus, with right arm looped around Alice's back and left hand holding his cane, Aloisius Treadwell eases away from bed.

"Mmph. Happy birthday, lovey."

"Happy birthday, Aloisius."
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