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Postby Carnath-Emory » Tue Aug 08, 2017 12:00 pm

Off course it was not actually funny at all.

But I had thought that perhaps I should see could it be made to become so. But recall that I haf been told,
and several times now, that I should seek out the benefits which might come of several months spent as
a mentalist's idiot Lady. Is this so different?

It would have been Kerrak's choice I think, laughter before abomination, and if you would scoff at taking
instructions from madness, know that before his own outrage consumed him Kerrak al'Nerun lived better
and through worse than almost anyone I haf known. And if not Kerrak's way then perhaps Elliot's, but Elliot
laughs at a thing in the way that another man would spit, Elliot would only make this thing funny so that it
could not be anything else but fit for laughter. Perhaps he would even Believe it into being so.

But Belief is not for me, and I no more want to be Elliot than he could bear to be like me.

Does it seem strange that I would look outside off myself after months spent as some one entirely else? And
yet I haf spent a year and longer than a year aproaching the question buried in that state and its causes and
its consequences, and every aproach has led me inevitably to a single and unacceptable conclusion.

Beyond any thing else, I am cautious of my simplest and most earnest desires.

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