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Catching Up

Tue Jun 23, 2020 2:33 pm

Kals didn't want for meat. In fact he was often overstuffed with it at every meal. That couldn't really be helped, and didn't surprise him considering his wife tended to have a bigger appetite than he did. The fact that she liked to do the 'shopping' played a part in it as well. His thoughts rolled around that idea as he stared at the deer he'd left hanging to bleed after she brought it back. She didn't like all the prep he put into the food and preserving it, but he just couldn't eat the way she did and stay healthy. But he could worry about field dressing it and skinning it later.

With a shake of his head he focused back on the more immediate task in hand. He lifted up hoe and began to work the soil near the cabin with an easy rhythm. Meat was fine, but he wanted vegetables. And if he was going to be living away from the world as much as he did, he may as well try his hand at growing his own. Farming had never much been an interest of his, since no one could really attempt it in the Rain Wilds. That meant he'd had to go to town here and there on one of his trips and find some of the locals to pick the brains of. Not literally, of course, but he needed advice on exactly what to do that you couldn't just get out of a book.

Now he was trying to put that to practice step by step, fairly certain that he was going to have to accept to just be wasting his time the first try or two. Something would probably eat his efforts if anything did grow. Maybe he needed a scarecrow?

He grunted and jammed the hoe into the soil again, holding it there with one hand as he straightened up and looked over one of his shoulders. A heavy breath passed his lips. "If you're around, I've been trying to distract myself from an idea that might be really stupid. And needed to talk to you about the lake."

Re: Catching Up

Sun Jun 28, 2020 1:50 am

She had been standing watching him for far longer than she probably should have. She was leaning against one of the trees, her simple leather tunic and dark skin and hair making it easy for her to blend into the wilderness. After years of living together she still hadn't tired of just watching him. The wolf spirit chuckled in her mind, amused at her mate's desire for something other than meat. The wolf had long since come to terms with their relationship, more amused these days than angry at the strange habits of the Rain Wilder. She would have been content to watch him work and struggle awhile longer, curious about exactly how one went about trying to control nature. Even in her human years her people had been hunters and gatherers. They didn't try to control the growth and harvest of the plants.

He spoke out loud then and she realized he knew she had been watching him. Her amused smile tickled her lips and she pushed off of the tree, her bare feet crunching over the ground with a sound that didn't seem to match how much one would assume she weighed. She emerged from the trees and crossed over to where her mate was trying to work the soil. She watched him a moment, her head cocked to the side a bit as she took in both what he was doing and what he had said. The could communicate without words but Kals had insisted in the past that she not lose her command over the common tongue. It was likely good advice, but being as how she didn't speak to many other people it was always an effort.

"An idea stupid? More than the land digging?" She was teasing him clearly, an amused smile on her lips. At the mention of the lake however she crinkled her nose. Werewolves can't swim and she never liked the water. The only time she ever found it tolerable was on his live ship, but that was a whole other story.

Re: Catching Up

Tue Jun 30, 2020 2:01 pm

When she finally stopped hiding in the shadows to ame her way towards him it had Kals twisting about, craning his head over a shoulder to watch her approach. He always felt a bit like an animal being stalked when she did it, but he didn't expect to get eaten today. With one last glance of her moving he turned back to the task at hand, managing to get in a handful of swings before she reached his side. The hoe stuck in the ground and he pressed it down in place, using the shaft of the tool to lean against with one arm wrapped around it to keep it in place. "Land digging is less stupid than water digging. You need to let me have that much."

He let out of a huff of breath and ran a hand through his hair to push the loose strands out of his face. "No... I heard that they have Glenn penned up in a cell in town. A lot of me is fine if he stays there. A part of me wants to go in and ask him a few things about what happened with Rhaena." A pause, his eyes drifting away from looking over his little vegetable garden to settle back on Kacela's face. "And the last little bit wants to slam his head into a wall."

A little shrug of one shoulder and a grin. "Most of those seem like dumb ideas, and I should just pretend he doesn't exist, or isn't around. As for the lake." A motion with the same arm off in the vague direction of Silver lake. "I don't mean the actual water, more the forest around it. I heard word in town that there's been trouble by it." He dropped his hand, propping it on a hip as he continued. "Part of it seems to be missing, maybe faerie magic making people get lost. And apparently a big chunk of it is either on fire or been completely destroyed. Usual Myrkenwood problems, but problems a bit closer to us than I really appreciate."

Re: Catching Up

Fri Jul 17, 2020 6:54 am

The wolf inside of her stirred at his prey like feelings and he got a distinct impression of possessiveness from the creature that shared a body and mind with his mate. The two were interlaced and unable to be unwoven from one another, and yet there were times where wolf and woman seemed to be completely one, and other times where they deviated from one another at least slightly. He would feel the wolf's amusement with his unease as she approached.

"Yes water digging stupid. And danger." She said, looking over his brow and trying to intercept the motion before his hand reached his hair to instead tenderly brush the strand away herself, her fingertips moving to linger along his skin as she looked at him. Possession, but also love and tenderness. She was glad he was hers.

"Glenn" She snarled and curled up her nose a little before drawing her hand away. "He is not good human." She paused though and listened through her huffing. She didn't like the idea of anyone locked in a cage. it seemed wrong in many ways. "We could free him. You ask, he runs his own head in the wall. Done." At least she wasn't threatening to kill him. She really had grown over the years.

The part about the lake really caught her interest however. "Fairy nightkin?" Her term for most malicious and evil creatures. "I can smell them. We can hunt." The wolf stirred happily at that notion and the snarl had left Kacela's lips, replaced with an almost hopeful look. She longed to fulfill her purpose, the reason she took the wolf in the first place, to protect human kind from the Nightkin.

Re: Catching Up

Mon Aug 03, 2020 2:40 pm

"Water digging isn't stupid when done right. How else do we get wells?" She moved quicker than he could, and his hand never made it to his face, just dropping down to his hip like he had intended to finish his movement with after hesitating to correct his act. The prolonged touch left him tilting his head just so, a little further into the contact as he watched her. After a moment he cracked a little smile that soon turned into a full grin. "What? Is there something on my face?" He shifted his head again as his weight moved to the other foot, and the contact broke as she removed her fingers, though he didn't shy away from their close proximity.

He watched her nose wrinkle and his expression grew broader. "He's not, I wouldn't mind leaving him to lie in the bed he made, but... I'm curious." He snorted at the suggestion of him running his own head into a wall. Maybe he'd actually do it? "I guess it's someone else's problem if he gets away, then. And I can tell what you think about a prison cell."

"Maybe, not sure." He started to shrug, cautious about confirming anything when he'd just heard a few stories around town, but the look of joy on her face was hard to ignore. The noise she was making even more so, with how simply primal it was. "But yes, I thought you could sniff them out and we could look for ourselves. It's been a while since we did anything really serious." A pause as he thought over his choice of words. "It might be fun."

His attention turned back to his hoe, still holding him up as much as he was it. Not much of a weapon, that. "I don't think we've ever done that together and actually found something worth your time in what... years? Quiet is nice, but I figure if there's going to be a guardian werewolf around, I better make sure you don't get too bored." It probably wouldn't mean much of anything, but he was pretty certain the last time she got really bored she destroyed a tea house.

Re: Catching Up

Thu Feb 25, 2021 6:20 am

"Wells are stupid." She corrected, shaking her head as she looked at the digging he was doing. "Drink from the stream. Carry water. Not need holes for water. Humans are strange." She breathed him in. His distinct scent, being close to him. It was one of the few things that kept her connected to humanity even when in the quiet it was easy to lose those ties. She reached for his hand, just wanting to be closer, missing the nights of freezing cold winds that gave her reason to protect him.

Here eyes sparkled at the idea of "fun" . He was right. It had been a long time since there had been any excitement or adventure. Her life with him was peaceful and calm, and while there was a sense of contentment to that, the wolf would never be satisfied without something more to keep her occupied. The wolf's presence practically leapt with glee at the idea of a real hunt. "When we go?" She asked eagerly, almost itching out of her skin with the urge to go and find something of interest with her mate. "You are good hunting partner. Best. What do you need?" At least she remembered that he couldn't just take off like she could, but he would certainly sense her restlessness and eager attitude.

Re: Catching Up

Sat Mar 27, 2021 5:51 am

"They aren't, they're useful if you want to have a community away from above ground water." He tapped his hoe onto the soil a few times. "Sometimes the best source of water is down, instead of away. But maybe it's strange. We catch the water from rain back home, but it rains a lot there." Then he set it, or more tossed it so it could clatter against a tree and just barely avoid dropping to the ground. With his hands free he could take her's and give it a squeeze.

"Hmmm, when did you want to? I keep the stuff by the door to grab when I want to head into town." His free hand went out and pushed some of her hair out of her face, making her seem just a little less wild and giving him a clear view of her expression. Ah. "Why don't I just go grab that and my bow? We can grab lunch at the same time and be ready for a bit of a walk." Kals was plenty content with boring things like living, walking around, and doing trading but he'd manage with something a bit more extreme now and then. A little controlled fear, a few laughs, and maybe one less problem that could catch them off guard at a later date. "I think you need to burn off some energy sooner rather than later."
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