The Following of Instructions

The Following of Instructions

Postby Sherazade » Fri Jul 27, 2007 8:26 am

[NOTE: This event is set three days ago, sorry for the delay in posting, my muse was asleep on the job]

He was not pleased we followed the fiend was he? the voice flowed through her mind , gave silent voice to the question, she had felt buliding.

*No he thought it to much of a risk, but then he does not know how we accomplished the task* It was no longer strange to the huntress to have this internal conversations, even though she now knew both voices where he
And will you ever tell him? Tell anyone what you are?

*Taeran knows, He understands*

You did not tell him. He guessed what you were, you only confirmed it

*ENOUGH!* The single word vibrated with such force inside her skull, that the discussion was stilled, and the horse beneath her, skittered into sideways steps as if alarmed.

"Easy Tasyr, I'm only angry with myself" The words flowed from her lips, as she leaned forward, palm gently brushing her stallion's neck. Breath eased from her lips with a sigh as her destination came within sight, and she straightened, hat swept rom her head to rest over the leaping head of her saddle.

Within moments she had drawn up outside, and was dismounting silver shod bootheels, flicking dust against her skirt hem as they hit the ground. Reins were draped over the stallions neck, and in soft tones she bid him to stay, never doubting he would listen. Rich loam braid, with its streaks of inky raven, was flicked back over her shoulder, and wih predatory grace echoing in her movements she approached the door, head inclining to the gaurd

"I've come to see the Chief Constable" She offered no other words than those, for surely there was little need, most would know exactly who she was, given her encounters with Sargent Armstrong.

Long bladed silver dagger at her hip, brushing against those odd fans of her's she would make to step past unless prevented.
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