For your eyes only, High Constable

For your eyes only, High Constable

Postby Kait » Mon Sep 17, 2007 5:33 am

This particular letter would be delivered to the constabulary by one of the knight's usual couriers rather than an enterprising youth of Myrken peasant stock, and would bear the seal of the knighthood pressed into blue wax below the neatly measured words "High Constable Cinnabar."

High Constable Cinnabar,
Governor Myrken Wood:

I need to speak to you of Ashfiend, and Vraal. There are things I would tell you, and some knowledge I may humbly seek in kind. It is not my wish to rush you, but you know of the time limit I work under.

Patience Mayfield
Squire, Shepherd Knights of the Silver Staff

Of course her master had aided in the writing of this missive, spelling in particular, as well as omitting all of the half suspicions the squire might have mentioned to the man. The seal spoke of the knighthood's approval, but also of her own desire for this bit of correspondence to remain very much private.
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Postby Cinnabar » Mon Sep 17, 2007 7:57 am

To Squire Patience Mayfield, Shepherd Knights of the Silver Staff

Squire Mayfield,

I understand the urgency with which we must act, and the short-lived (and indeed precarious) nature of the respite your bargain has won us from the Ashfiend. As such I am available at your soonest convenience to discuss this matter and answer any questions you might have, to the best of my abilities.


Cinnabar Calomel
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