Agony's inquest.

Postby channe » Thu Sep 20, 2007 10:29 pm

She might be walking directly from the frying pan into the fire, for all she knows. This chatting-with-accusatory-Constables thing is not exactly going to be Aeryn Karolinger's favorite thing to hear about, and Lentham certainly isn't going to stop anytime soon.

But the notion of rounding up the widows on the Baker farm, putting them in this room, asking them questions --

-- Agnie's still not that kind of girl; the kind that would want that.

"They won't know anythin', they go to bed wi' the sun," she says, short and clipped -- "But my brother Piotr saw Elzhara Massry comin' from that direction that evenin'. It may not mean a thing. As I said, it's jus' a theory. You got theories, and you asked for mine. But we on the Baker farm? We protect our own 'gainst whatever happens. You won't get people pointin' to sera Elzhara because they wanna preserve her memory, see? Now, if I knew who kilt ser Baker, I'd say it. But I'm sayin' they just were workin' 'gainst a public menace, Lentham ser, and that the best punishment you could give is a medal. That's all I know. I don't know no more."

And she's literally sauntering after Jons Feul, feeling just a little ill. Perhaps more than a little ill --

Shit, shit, shit.
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Postby Lent » Thu Sep 20, 2007 11:43 pm

Lent would calmly reply as the girl was heading towards the door, whether she was listening to him on her way out or not. "Like I said, Sister Kaczmarek. A man has to do his job, and now mine means that I need to go down and ask each and every one of those widows about just what the man might have done to them, in detail, at your say-so, in order to figure out if there might not be a motive we didn't know about. So thank you for that. Going to be god-damn pleasant." He had downed the rest of his flask in one fell swoop. "I'll let them know you sent me when I arrive, yeah?"

And then he'd just let them leave and look to his partner, whose sword was still drawn. He was rather frozen, but at least the effort had been there.

"Son, sit down and write out the report for this. Choose your words real careful-like, though. Could cause some real trouble if you put things a bit too much one way or another. Yeah, yeah. Put down the truth, but don't go overboard. After that, meet me at the Dagger. You need a drink." He made one last sigh before heading towards the door himself.
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