For the Marshal.

For the Marshal.

Postby channe » Wed Oct 03, 2007 2:34 pm

The letter arrives with his normal mail, sealed with wax scratched with a solid "A."

Deer Aeryn,

as you can see My spellinge is geteing beter.

if you knew about the Konstabuls coming and sent the Captun to get me, you got to kno that i wud never do any thing that dus not need to be dunn. espeshuly since the Konstabuls are always beeting up on the bruthers. i dont know how you take it.

i dont like thee xanth grange guys, they laugh at the brothurs. i want to punch them in their noses. in fact i like Sinabarr bettur than bromns lot. you best make sure you can make them follow yur orders rathur than Sinabarr's as smart as the Guvunur is.

i wud like to come back and see you it is hard being away. but you know i do what you ask. and if i see that smirking git lenthum i will do something that could land me in trubul. like what i did the uther day when the myrken boys in my unit were talkeng about how we wudent fite against duke burel. i told them you were no coward. told them good.

well i have to go beat up on some aspirants now.

(dont call me sister it's wierd)
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