A Keeper to a Kestrel

A Keeper to a Kestrel

Postby Rance » Tue Nov 18, 2014 3:18 pm

Lady Warden,

I shoult wish at some pointe in the co ming weeks we might speak of matters better left to dialogue and not placed upon a page for I beleave they are consid erably urgent: firstly, a dear friend of mine has intrusted me to speak on her behalfe to you to obtain her safety and security in Myrken Wood; I hold great stock in your ability to be a fair and good-minded soul

but I fear it will require your utmost attention to what is right and not what is most easy; this is a thing I do not think you will choose wrongly, your our Crowne may not agree however

also, we MUST speak on matters of Ser Catch, the very tho ught of which makes me sick with dread, my child and her future necess itates that I begin thinking as a mother and not as a

keeper of broken shells

I ask of you a great many things, first the dancer and now matters politocal and personnal and one day I shall return these tasks I requeste of you, may then we meet when the child is free of me? I shall too desire for you to see her,

Glour'eya Wynsee
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