Framing Santa

Framing Santa

Postby Lady_Rhea » Wed Dec 24, 2014 5:19 pm

The bells of winter morning chime bright and clear
Ringing long and loud so that all in Myrken might hear

Though the young boys and the girls will find glee
There is something quite wrong and somewhat eerie

Though presents and candies still sat upon hutches
And a sad little Timmy still had his crutches

Though doors, windows, and sheds are found latched
And the fresh powder snow has hardly been scratched

Every father and mother of the wealthier sort
Would find a their precious gold and silver was short

Surely they noticed on this most auspicious day,
Their purses were lighter, the cause of some dismay

But not much else was missing, not clothes or shoes
And there wasn’t a trace, no manner of clues

The obvious answer was an old children’s tale
Of a white bearded man, riding a midwinter gale

His belly was round and his red robe was long
Hauling a large sack of fruits and toys, he was strong

But despite his vast appearance he is fast and light
And his candle will never wake you, though it is bright

Though who among parents and elders could recall
A winter when the sneaky saint took anything at all

For one who brought toys it’s an unusual splinter
A crime committed by dear Father Winter.
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Re: Framing Santa

Postby Lady_Rhea » Sun Dec 27, 2015 8:48 am

((Sorry for the delay, hopefully this can still be used and that you all had a happy holiday!))

Once again it is Yule and the morning bells chime
Waking Myrken residents to the unusual crime

No treasured toys, games, or staple goods are taken
No unwelcome pests escape when blankets are shaken

Even the crafty and careful can hardly discern
For there is no violence to be the cause of concern

Windows are latched and the snow still pristine
Nothing at all to hint at the thing yet unseen

For the fathers and mothers with coin to spare
Will find their purses light and their jewelry box bare

Perhaps Father Winter has become greedy at last
Or the caper in the night was truly so fast

But who else to blame for the Yule-Eve crime
Than the winter spirit that visits at this festive time

For the poor folks of town there is a curious surprise
A small, welcome gift with little disguise

No bows or packages wrapped up in string
No silly bobbles or some meaningless thing

An extra coin in their purses, cupboards, or drawers
Perhaps something shiny set on their floors

It isn’t much, and surely less than all that was took
But it isn’t the first such theft in the book

Just a little from all and no harm truly done
So presses on the lovely, Yule-morning sun
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Re: Framing Santa

Postby Lady_Rhea » Mon Dec 26, 2016 6:34 pm

((Happy Holidays Everyone))

Up in a hayloft on the outskirts of town
A young boy awoke to the slightest of sound

Such a small noise was the creak of the wood
Where when blearily he looked nobody stood

But just yonder undone was the latch
Jumping with hopes that Father Winter he’d catch

He ran to the window and threw open the shutter
And on the rooftops a black cloak was aflutter

Not as large or red as he thought
And barely a glimpse of the spirit he caught

It ran deftly and bounded with grace
Leaving behind very little to trace

Left stunned and silent in the snowy night’s air
The young boy shut his shutters with care

Only to turn and beside his candle and bed
Find a gold piece, left by the specter that fled

For many such folk daybreak brings added joy
A few extra coins they’ll find gifted from the ploy

Though few wealthier folk will admit feeling cheated
Another year's crime has thus been completed
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