Do Not Go Gentle

Do Not Go Gentle

Postby Kestrel » Tue Mar 24, 2015 12:46 pm

The Lady Warden had her men spread the word that she would be addressing the townspeople this afternoon.

It was little surprise that the call had gone far and wide. Little more than so many had turned out to listen to her.

She spoke, her voice like the crack of a whip in the air. Many eyes, some friendly and others not, turned upon her as she spoke.

"It has come to my attention that there is something malevolent in the woods," she began, pausing for effect as she furrowed her brow. "Whatever this creature is, it has forcibly claimed the woods surrounding Myrken as its own. It is said that this creature has been consuming those brave, and perhaps, desperate enough to attempt to feed and clothe their families through occupations found in the forest.

These matters were brought to my attention through two of your own: Constable Breve and Physician Tirel. Their concerns obviously mirror my own. Since Lord Steward Treadwell has also just now requested my help in this matter, I now have permission to bring about justice for our people through the use of the town's forces. I will work tirelessly to make certain this situation is resolved with all due haste.

Effective immediately, my men and my personal funds will bring aid to those who can not earn coin through their current livelihoods, through no fault of their own. I will seek the King's aid in these matters, but of course we will not sit idly by in the meantime.

The oppressor in the Wood needs to understand that the people of Myrken have never given in to such tactics. We are far tougher than it thinks and we will not stand for the murder of our people nor any false claims to our lands!," she bellowed, as if to gain the attention of the self-appointed guardian in the woods.

Then, a sigh, her tone far more mild.

"It pains me to admit that, for now The Wood will be need to be off limits to all except those working to bring about an end to this unjustified tyranny by these hidden forces. Please do not tempt any further bloodshed, I implore you. I would not have any other innocent lives lost. Not on my watch."

She bowed her head for a moment and slowly shook it. Her features lifted, her eyes soft.

"I welcome any information that anyone can provide and if any of you have a will to do so, assistance against this creature.

Thank you, my friends. Please, stay wary. Stay safe. And take care of each other in these most difficult times."

And with that, her boots sounded in sharp staccato as she left the podium.

She was a woman on a mission.
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