Take me to Church...

Take me to Church...

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    She walked in timidly. The building was beautifully laid out with jewelry cases along a wall, floor to ceiling book cases along another. Free standing aisles of categorized items of antiquity and splendor. Nothing cheap or fake.
     A few marble statues stood at the entrance giving a grand entry feel to the place. Well lit and scented faintly of rose, her favorite. It was a feeling of inclusion that enveloped her that made her smile.
    What she didn't know is the place was charmed to greet each customer with a scent they found calming and a lighting suited to them. This place was a temple to excess and decadence. She could not believe the number of items for sale yet still did not look cluttered at all.
     She approached the man behind the counter who set a book aside at her approach and smiled warmly to her. His deep emerald eyes were molten pools of gem fire. He was dressed well in a crimson silk shirt with the sleeves held by beautifully crafted wolf head cuff links. He gripped a cane set against one leg and used it to help him stand so he could bow to her respectfully.
     His jet black hair was held neatly back by a black silk ribbon tied neatly. As he moved a smell of faint...cologne? No...it was his natural smell that was so intoxicating for her. She had no idea he was an incubus and he couldn't stop his scent from being what it was for women...
    His deep and rich voice caressed her like velvet in its faintly accented cultured tones as he said "Good day m'lady.. I am Church Dechain, humble store keeper. If I may be of any service to you...I am at your command,"
      "Well sir...I see we are well met so we are," she said softly as she blushed deeply from his smile and words.
     "Yes m'lady...we are well met. Please take your time in looking," he said with his smile ever present, "Unless, that is, you wish to tell me the idea of what you seek and I could direct you to it's location,"
     "Well sir..." she suddenly had no idea what to do with her hands...stubborn things couldn't stop playing with her skirt like a teenage girl...she was almost thirty and almost forgot why she came here, "I am looking for an item for my...ummm...fiancee..."
     He chuckled a bit and sat down slowly. His eyes never left her face...moving from eyes to lips...but never further south. She was kindof disappointed in that, she was told she had a wonderful figure and he was not even sneaking a peek!
    "I would expect you wed by now," he said with a coy twist to his smile and a playful wink, "I would have if I had the favor of such a beautiful lady as yourself...but I digress...tell me of this fiancee and we'll see what can be done,"
    She felt her ears on fire from the blush coming to her now. He was slightly charming...but he shouldn't be able to do this....to her! She was about to get married!
They talked. She gushed about Robert, sparing no detail intimate or otherwise. He asked small innocent questions and she raved like a loon just to get him to smile for her again.
     "Now Lady Roshari," he said as he tapped a finger idly upon the counter top and looking off in thought, "I believe he would approve of a matching set, there is an amethyst amulet set three windows down. One for a woman, one for a man. They were made for a lord and his first wife to prove their devotion to each other,"
      She moved down to the set and her eye widened from their beauty. The design was intricate and majestic. It was a dream made of metal and stone.
    "But sir...I can't afford..." she started as she looked back to him and his soft smile.
    "I am sure we can make an arrangement," he said casually but held a hand up to silence her a moment longer, "I understand your wish to show your fiancee your love...so how about we trade?"
    "Trade sir?" She asked nervously...will she ever figure out what to do with her damned hands?!
    "You...work here as my manager until the wages earned meet price agreed upon," he said slowly, "then...maybe you could stay on and earn the wages and be paid weekly?"
    She rushed to him and clasped his hand. Bubbling with excitement she couldn't control herself. He would make the arrangement possible for her!
      "Oh thank you sir!" She gushed and leaned over and kissed his cheek in thanks....
       "Oh...don't thank me yet. We still have business to do m'lady," he said softly...he gave her hand a squeeze before beginning to negotiate with her.

     She left with parcel in hand, with a happy but uneasy feeling in her stomach that left an unknown taste in her mouth...guilt maybe? She had bargained the item down substantially...and her wages up slightly after she offered some things extra that wouldn't break any oaths or promises to her dearest Robert. It would take her three years to pay the gift off unless she did alot of extra work...but it was worth it.
     They had signed the dotted line, both in contractual agreement. She didn't understand the whole thing with such technical terms of "etherealic energy forfeited upon renegation of agreement" or "release seller of liability of harm or accusation of misdeed"....he did exactly as he said and other than using blood for ink since he hadn't purchased ink yet...and the weird but thrilling fact she had to kiss him on the lips to seal the deal...he was much better than Robert at it...he was a very pleasant man and she looked forward to working under him...
     He wrote her name down in his ledger and the item purchased, amount owed, currency of payment and bonus, and cost of renegation. He was meticulous and wrote in a custom shorthand he had developed from daemonic and elemental written languages. Everything was sealed with wax then stamped with his seal before her copy was given to her, and his locked in a safe he had hidden during modification of the building.
     He licked his lips a bit and quirked a brow...strawberry pastry...that was what he smelt on her breath. He would have to order that when he got to the Dagger. Maybe his favorite serving girl who owed for a pair of gold earrings would massage his knee tonight too...the Myrken was turning out to be a grand place....stories of his great deals and customer service would be spread by his first two customers...business would boom...he was sure of it.
     The contracts also held a non-disclosure agreement...they could speak of the deals made and items purchased...but not the price nor agreement thereof. If they started to speak...the contract would be broken and they would be reduced to something less than whole...missing soul and memories forcibly torn from the mind has a tendency of doing such things to a person. Not -all- of his deals had such contingencies...just for items of power.
     That amulet set would make her dear Robert devoted to her and her happiness....til death does part them...the lord who made them lasted a year before his wife killed him in a fit of jealous rage....
He idly wondered how long it would take the young woman to do the same...a smile and a chuckle later and he greeted a new customer...a young man wanting a fancy for the one he wished to swoon.
    This would be easy... show him a broach of elven make...he would owe him as well...six months to a year taking care of the horses he would have to buy...then an offer to stay on for wages. No kiss...no blood ink...
    A young lady came in looking for a bobble to make an infant at home happy...an extremely fair price for a rattle from the kingdom of Elysia to the far south...no paperwork...a smile and a wave. The children deserved to be pampered....he may be a demon...but he has to spoil the babies...let the world corrupt them...not him.
     She walked out the door with an item worth a platinum atleast...for but a few gold and a promise to keep him in mind if they need a toddler bed made and to stop by Treadwell's shop with half her purchase price returned in order to buy a stuffed toy he remembered the man making at one time.
    Wonderful city...full of fun....he would love it here...
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