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A new arrival to Genevieve's desk.

Thu Aug 23, 2018 1:18 pm

Inquisitor Tolleson

Such mentalism as you and others have practiced ----

Can it be defended against.
Can that be taught.
Are you willing.

I'm buying, and you're my first choice. No; in truth you're the only one I want.
Be certain of your answer before you send it. I will be traveling a very long distance to reach you and I imagine it might
be uncomfortable to turn someone away under such circumstances. The courier who has delivered this letter to your
desk can wait on your will and the time of your choosing; ignore protests to the contrary. She or he has been paid well
to afford you a convenience.

I hope that you have been very well.

- Ariane

Re: A new arrival to Genevieve's desk.

Fri Sep 07, 2018 7:48 pm

Lady Marshall Carnath-Emory,

I appreciate your forthrightness and the succinct nature of your inquiry. However, surely you can understand my surprise upon receiving this missive, my curiosity regarding the nature of your request, and hesitation to reply in full. Know that is not with unkindness or suspicion of your honourable character that I request further explanation. Perhaps you can speak to what prompted this line of questioning?

To provide some answer, I will tell you that it can be defended against. The extent, however, is questionable; as I have only myself and a limited number of encounters to examine as reference. Therefore, I cannot know if my resilience against Rhaena was due to active defensive efforts or the nature of my altered mind, volition aside. Should your concern regard my capacity for repeating her actions, I am reassured by Kals that an arrow would work as swiftly to extinguish me as it does any other person. I have made arrangements that as much should happen, if ever the situation arises.

Even if I were a master of this cursed craft, it is unwise to think me a qualified tutor. I assure you, I am neither. Perhaps defense can be taught; though from what is written thus far you should ascertain that I cannot provide certainty. With as much disclosed, I admit that there are skills you possess which I am eager to learn and therefore willing to try, that we might learn from one another.

I should like to call you Ariane, and that you might call me Genevieve, at the very least.

May you also be well,

Re: A new arrival to Genevieve's desk.

Mon Oct 15, 2018 7:31 am


As to explanation, it is only this: I faced Rhaena as a cripple. And not just helpless, but blind as well: I did not know what she
was doing as she did it to me. I did not know that anything was done at all until it was finished. Even now I cannot say when
it began; as she and I spoke, days before the work reached its completion? Or as I slept or ate or did something else
unremarkable, from a distance of several miles? There are so many ways to read a man's intent before his sword his drawn,
but this was beyond me.

Nothing since has changed. Were there ever to come another like Rhaena -- empowered, malicious -- it would be as it was then,
or else it would be something worse. This cannot stand. I do not require guarantees and I do not require certainty; all that I ask
is for a chance. I need to recognise, and I need to endure long enough to answer a problem with steel before it destroys me. Or
someone else, or everyone.

Let there be no doubt between us: I have never suspected that you might be willing to repeat her actions. Even leaving aside all
considerations of character and nature, there is the fact that I have given you ample opportunity to do me harm, and yet here we
are, both intact and very much our own selves. You see, then, why I would accept no tutor but you. And why, despite my reluctance
to make good women into good killers, I am willing to make this exchange.

- Ariane

Perhaps I am assuming too much? but I have only a single notable skill.

Re: A new arrival to Genevieve's desk.

Tue Oct 23, 2018 4:47 pm


I appreciate your explanation; it is a vivid metaphor that I find well illustrates a frustration I share, though mine deals with more literal strikes. I find your reasoning is an especially compelling cause and I admire your proactive approach, the decisiveness you convey. While I generally dislike excuses, given or received, in regards to Rhaena, I suspected and even understood what she did throughout and yet was hesitant; perhaps I am a coward or was unwilling to see her destroyed.

I tell you this because I find your ability to recognize intent, your instinct, is a notable skill as well. Although you, rightly, assume it is your physical mastery of the blade for which I seek tutelage, I also hope to glean your insight. You do a disservice to yourself, assuming that your skill with a sword stands alone. Few in Myrken could match you for strategy, skill, or intellect; I can say with absolute certainty, you know your letters are far better than most.

I suppose your assessment is fair, and to it I will add I have no inclinations towards harming you. I cannot speak to my own goodness, but if I am to become a killer I assure you it is not your doing.

The Inquisitory’s operation has been interrupted with the Meeting House renovation underway, though as I have taken ownership I am hesitant to leave for any extended period. If necessary, provide the location and I will come to you, else you will find a room and meals provided here, should you need them.

Be well,
- Genevieve
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