Words Fall Away

Words Fall Away

Postby Rance » Thu Jan 23, 2020 2:40 pm

Mister Catch,

I will keep these words simple. I was very afraid to write them. But they must be written. I hope that if ever you resieve this letter, it will be spoken by a trusted soul to you. Perhaps Cherny. Perhaps someone else as kind and as selfless as he is.

I am sorry for what was done. I do not remember the act. I know only that I hurt you gravely, and that this is unforgivable. I left Myrken Wood several years ago because I was afraid of what else I would do. I am back now. My intent is to remain separate from you, but please know I am not angry with you. I am angry at myself. I am angry at me, but I cannot separate from Gloria, so I must separate her from those she might hurt. Please know that I love y

What I am trying is to be Very Good. In the past it was difficult. Now it is difficult. What was done to you I did not mean; I feel as though I was not in control of myself. But no excuse is valid. No reason is viable. I am sorry I destroyed our trust.

I have heard your name on a faery lady's lips. Mister Catch, I ask you to be very safe around her. I fear she does not hold your best interests before her own. I fear she will hurt you. I fear that she is unsafe. I give you my promise that none of these words are intended to mislead. Please consider them if she desires your company.

If you see me, I shall make it your choice if you wish to speak to me, or if you rather would not.


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