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I have no expectations for whatever remains save for that it is my responsibility to prevent it from hurting anyone else. I take responsibility for my actions over those lost years as well. It was my foolishness and youth and carelessness which stumbled me along Sarayn's plans without better protection. She intended to steal children away with far worse intentions than your own and we put stop to that, but at the cost of her attention. It was my lack of maturity and perspective that drove me towards revenge and once along that path, I lost sight of things even further. And once underground, I should have chosen death over the compromises and fell ritual that created the being that emerged. So I am fully responsible for what it did, and therefore fully responsible for what Rhaena subsequently did as well all the way to what it does within dreams. Even if it was not me and it was not her and it is not her now. Still my responsibility and therefore my responsibility to stop.

For Brown, I would grant him peace but he would never accept it. If you have created a sprawling fantasy for him where he cannot hurt others, fine. I will not disturb that. You are free to keep him.

However, this brings me to your final request.

I would like to be coy about this, would like to draw more information out of you. Or, speaking of my responsibilities, perhaps I have a responsibility to do so.

Instead, this. Meg. I encountered her quite recently, towards the start of our current correspondence, in a dream, at a place of succor, of neutral ground, a bothy. I did not seek her out but was instead on the trail of the ghoul. It had been there. Brown had been there. She gave another name but the truth was not hard to see based on your descriptions and the overpowering coincidence of it all (which meant, of course, that it wasn't coincidence in the least). She is a healer. In dreams, as in the waking world, I am unwell, wearing the scars from my encounter with your bard. She opened me up, took a look, closed me up again. I tried to play a question game with her but she was terrible at it. She seemed excited at first as well, so that was a shame. We spoke of you but in vague and mysterious terms. She was more ill-tempered than I expected, but that likely says more about me than about her. Still, we found things to like about one another, I suppose. She might not be so generous to admit it.

I seem to be a good neighbor indeed. Three requests to your one then. Tell me what Ainrid did to me. Tell me why you did not admit it and explain it to me even after our most recent talk and the new path you intend to take. Tell me why I had to find out about it second hand.

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