Sleeping on an Argument

Re: Sleeping on an Argument

Postby Rance » Fri Feb 08, 2019 2:11 am

Glenn Burnie,

If you are uninterested in further corresponding about your Endeavor, then we must be truley honest: I am further uninterested in corresponding with you. You demand an attempt at creation but then avoid and ivade when the matter becomes too difficult for your “observant” mind which seeks to “make sense” of information. My previous letters were not intended to aggrivate but to elevate.

And in this you must recognize that I find deep insult in this possession of words: you proclame the power of writing and yet wield the writed word poorly like a scythe which carelessly cuts wheat beyond the amount which can be gleaned. I seek grievance because you create grievance and when you eject yourself into philosophie and "lessons" you are grievance. No others draw this ire from me. This I reserve for you.

If you demand greater di dynamic in my voice, I too demand the "mastery" of it of you: eshoe your condescention and aggrandizement, cease your self-inflation, and recognize that the world shall not deign to listen to you simply because you shout at it or flood it with words. You are owed no special treatment and have earned no unique pedastool.

Leave the guidance of me to Sylvius Duquesne. Regardless of what you may think Glenn Burnie you have nothing at all to teach me.

In Razasan I gave to you a chance, which you squandered: I let go of a brief but tumultuous past with you to see you as a friend. I gave to this. You did not. I came to you in a moment of fear and vulnerability, the night with the bag, do you remember, because I believed you capable of speaking sense to me and helping me understand. I say to you "I am afraid" and you dismiss it; so too invested in yourself and your own intellect that you ignored a friend in plight and instead greater incensed her. I saw a woman die in a way which is grave and heinous. I am still not well. And I have seen many souls perish, and they claw into my brain, and do you know who is at the heart of all of these circumstances:

Look in your mirror.

So do you wonder why when we speak, I reel back and I am ready to claw at you like a dog, whether through writing or in speech. Because whether or not you believe it, you represent everything for which I possess unmitigated scorn. This is not a matter of you as much as it is me, but I cannot blink it. I have considered in a letter to Genny Tolleson whether this world would be better without me. But do you know what I have come to realize: my world would have been infinitely better without you. In the center of this clenched fist of death and downfall and damage and as you say it misery is a little statue of Glenn Burnie which cannot warm itself beyond a stony chill.

I do not hate you. But I do hate the thought of you.

This does not mean that I can envision a future bereft of you. No, you are a fixture in it; it is well within my power to one day associate you with greater and more beneficial notions but to be fair I have not been afforded that opportunity. To leave Razasan was majorly a necessity of survival and need, but also I do believe there was a desperation to flee you and the hurricain of misery and confusion and embattlement you bring upon yourself.

Do I correspond wiith others. Occasionally. There are a great many things which I must entrust to Genny Tolleson. I write letters and yet do not send them. It is a tool by which to silence my mind. Rest assured that I have written none to you that I have not sent: I reserve no warm pocket of hesitation in my bosom for you.

If moving forward you wish to speak of your Endeavor and you wish to listen to the challenges I will put against it in the interest of either entirely vaporizing it or chiseling at it to make it a safer and more vyable future, then I invite this.

If you struggle as you say with friendship, then listen more closely than you believe you do, Glenn Burnie. For I am an expert upon it. Laugh as you wish at this. I have forged friendships which shall never break and I have destroyed even greater ones. I will put upon a line my life for the virtue of friendship. I would bleed for it. I have lost for it a limb. It has left its marks, but as you believe yourself a master of language, I am a master of companionship: perhaps not of its understanding, but of its feel, of its loyalties, and of its power.

You want your Unknowns to believe in you, moving forward? Then learn friendship, and ask upon it, and stitch it to your heart. No words can ever replace act.

Otherwise, you damn us all before ever trying.

In misery,

Gloria Wynsee
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Re: Sleeping on an Argument

Postby Glenn » Wed Feb 13, 2019 1:33 am


I remain delayed, be it by weather or ailments. Still, I do intend to move on with the northern thaw, perhaps a month from now. I imagine, given the timing, that my travels will be quicker than your own. You chose about the hardest way possible, yet again. When I begin to move, I will write again. It would be a mistake to not speak further with you about my intentions, to hone them where possible, and to better prepare for potential hindrances. You will hear from me after I leave and upon this business primarily.

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