A Letter Entrusted To The Staff

A Letter Entrusted To The Staff

Postby Carnath-Emory » Sun Jun 23, 2013 2:52 pm


I haf need to speak with Kals. Perhaps you know him or know of him, he is Kaseeluh's man and a somtime residens of the tavern sternly bilt and with the look
off a man who is ready with his fists. I am wiling to meet him there in the tavern if you haf the means to convay my request, I wil as ever be in your debt.

- Ariane

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Re: A Letter Entrusted To The Staff

Postby Dulcie » Mon Jun 24, 2013 3:59 am

An intimidated barmaid handed the letter over to the innkeeper, who read through it carefully, not once, but three times. Between her own struggles with the language and Ariane's spelling she wanted to be sure that she had the meaning correct.

The barmaid was sent off to take Ariane's letter to the room where Kals and Kacela lived, the pair of them quite familiar to all of the tavern staff. Dulcie herself wrote a reply that was sent by messanger child back to Darkenhold.


I have sent your letter to the room that Kals lives in. Be care full with your meeting. I have heard Kaseeluh is mad when he is up set. I hear she is a ware wolfe.


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Re: A Letter Entrusted To The Staff

Postby Suede » Mon Jun 24, 2013 10:38 am

Kals didn't get many letters at the Dagger that weren't related to business. He got even fewer that were addressed to other people, or in this particular script. It took him a few minutes to reason out all the words, and they only left him confused to why Ariane would want to speak with him. The trader had only been in her company a handful of times, and their conversations had been rather light.

Perhaps it was business, no matter. He'd write a letter in response and track down one of the barmaids to identify to him where he could send it for Miss Emory.

To one Ariane Emory-

I have received the letter you left for Dulcie at the Broken Dagger. I'd be happy to meet you at the tavern at your convenience. I shall be between there and the town proper on most days for business. If you cannot find me at one, please feel free to seek me out at the other.

-Kals Olwak
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