Best Laid Plans

Best Laid Plans

Postby Kestrel » Fri Jan 31, 2014 9:04 am

There is much to do.

Twin conspirators locked away in her tavern room. Safe from prying eyes.

The Lady who oft denied her title glowered at the stocky dwarf from the hay-packed mattress of her too-firm bed. The single candle flickered as it burned, throwing deep shadows upon the room from her heavy nightstand. The stout gentlemen was almost completely obscured from where he sat within the back corner of her room. The chair he was seated upon was rocked back upon its rear legs and thick black smoke rose from his pipe. Booted feet hung suspended carelessly. Two eyes nearly glowed with the reflection from the candle as the wisps of smoke clung to his bushy eyebrows, the bristled beard.

Dimly, with hidden awe, she thought that he looked very much like a fabled dragon in that moment. Otherworldly.

Still, she held tightly to her glare, both hands fisted in the skirts of her nightdress gathered in her lap. Her knuckles were white with the force of her grip. The dwarven man kept his gaze firmly upon her irate features, ignoring the bared legs of his Lady. Her disillusion with the world of nobility in which she found herself was refreshing. Sometimes, though, he rather thought she could stand to have a little more propriety. The tension in his shoulders eased when she rose to pace the room and the skirts fell to her ankles again.

"You are certain that the commoners will hold me in mistrust?," the woman asked, with mounting frustration.

The man gave a slow, wary nod of his head. "Like it or not, Lady Egris," he began, ignoring the annoyed twist of her lips, "you will need the affluent."

He allowed silence to fall for a few moments as he watched her stand at the window with hands clasped behind her back. He knew her well enough to wager that she was considering his wisdom.

"Fine. We will attack on multiple fronts, then." Her eyes gleamed as she spared a glance over her shoulder.

"We go to war, my friend."
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