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Seeking Niall

Fri Mar 06, 2015 2:33 pm

The scarred mage was difficult to find even at the best of times. She was a woman that did not like being tied down to one location. Besides, the tavern was a source of more than one bad memory.

Still, there were few other places she knew to look.

The Lady waited for Niall, toying with the stone figures of her chess set as she waited - her eyes focused upon the door and a mug of ale at her elbow.

Re: Seeking Niall

Fri Mar 06, 2015 3:32 pm

Niall was difficult to find. However, there was exactly one person still tying her to Myrken Wood, and for that person, she could be found.

The young woman stepped through the door, pausing for a moment to allow brown eyes to unhurriedly scan the room. They glided over the Kestrel as though she were not there, seemingly more interested in just about anything else. Still, steps carried the sorceress directly towards Egris, gaze finally settling on the woman when she stood in front of her.

"Are we playing this game again? It will end the same way it did the last time."

Re: Seeking Niall

Sat Mar 07, 2015 12:06 am

The Warden's lips pulled back and she gave a wide grin at the other woman's words. "No, I've learned my lesson about play games with you, Niall," she mentioned, with obvious amusement. "You will just claim victory, regardless of the outcome." She waved towards the chair opposite to her own in welcome.

Her expression gained a certain gravity it had not before. "I have a task for you, if you've a mind to do it." While Niall had joined her company, there were certain assumptions between them. The Lady did not force those in her company to do what they were not keen to do already. "Have you heard of the Bloodletters?," she asked, her voice slanted down. Behind her, one of the men in her company started up a loud, bawdy song about a barwench in response to hide their words from seeking ears.

"Men and women clad in crimson moving about our city, up to no good," she remarked, lifting her ale and taking a healthy swallow. Her eyes searched the room briefly.

Re: Seeking Niall

Sat Mar 07, 2015 3:59 am

She took the seat across from the Kestrel, one leg stretched out, the other tucked under the chair.

"I have heard some little bit." The young woman shrugged. What went on in town was not of much concern to her, until someone made it her concern.

Re: Seeking Niall

Sat Mar 07, 2015 11:07 pm

Egris bobbed her head in acceptance of the relative little the other knew. Though Niall seemed to often know more than she let on. She would summarize to the best of her ability.

"They have been plotting to bring their own rule to Myrken after murdering their own King and fleeing here. They have all manner of magic at their disposal. They managed to take a friend of mine and are requesting one of the diplomats sent by the new King of Mixalydia. He has agreed to the task, but since he has some scrying magic of his own, we thought it best to involve you. Magic is rather a foreign concept to me, I'm afraid," she explained.

"Glenn Burnie mentioned certain runes that you could craft to track the man and ward yourself against the magic the Bloodletters possess," she had promised not to tell the mage that the ex-Governor was involved; but honesty was always best when dealing with one's own people.

The one in particular.

"Will you assist us? At least meet the man in question?"

Re: Seeking Niall

Sun Mar 08, 2015 2:39 am

Niall's scarred face is not particularly expressive at the best of times. She listened impassively to Egris' explanation. Until she mentioned Glenn Burnie. Then the young woman's eyes narrowed.

"Magic is a rather foreign concept to most in Myrken." She commented, fingers rattling absently on the table top.

"My magic... is not what it was." Here, to this person, she could admit that, if only in passing. "But if you wish it, I will meet this man and see what I can do."

Besides, there was an off-chance that Glenn Burnie could wind up dead, right?

Re: Seeking Niall

Sun Mar 08, 2015 9:09 am

There was a considerable chance that Niall would decline the task requested of her. She could freely do so without any repercussions, as agreed upon.

The Lady Kestrel smiled in response to the ready acceptance. "Any help would be appreciated. We will meet them at the Floating Dragon tomorrow, then."

She rose and left her chess set in its usual place, to be collected later. She moved towards the door. "And Niall? Thank you."

With that ghost of a smile, she was gone.
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