Starting all over again

Starting all over again

Postby Vivid-Dawn » Mon Feb 06, 2006 2:28 pm

She quit! Though not through fault of her employer, or the staff. Despite she had been so enthusiastic about getting the job about a year ago, and she did like most aspects of it...she just wasn’t fit for it.
Being rather small, of course meant being rather weak. She didn’t complain, and did as many of the chores as she could. Though with some tasks, like hauling water buckets and grain bags, took her twice as long as if somebody else had been doing it. Being lazy was the last thing she wanted to be reputed as.
But she’s so independent! Only if somebody offered to help, would she timidly accept. And she certainly doesn’t want to live off alms the rest of her life, either. More than willing to work, she just needed to find something that was more intellectual than physical.

She almost cried, when she (politely, of course) broke the news to Fritz. Almost. Rarely did she ever show anybody an expression other than cheerfulness. Even if she was having a bad day, she kept her frowns only for private moments. It wasn’t anybody else’s fault she wasn’t perfect, so why act such?
And it wasn’t like she was going to disappear, either. She did offer to stay and help a bit, while they found a replacement. Even afterward, she’d visit...if only for Fritz. She liked him, in a purely platonic way.

She had saved her wages, only spending in a few ‘spurts’. New clothes had been the first on the list, and she had taken decent care of them that they wouldn’t need replacing any time soon. Then she bought treats for herself, ever so often, when she got bored of the Station’s grub. And then recently, she’d given dinner to a new friend.
Other than that, she had a good couple hundred shillings left. That would let her stay in the Dagger until better opportunities for employment came along.
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