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To the home of Ariel O'Cynen, a delivery.

PostPosted: Fri Dec 15, 2006 5:07 am
by Carnath-Emory
And a small one, at that: folded over, sealed with glossy wax that bears no design whatsoever. Still, the boy who's run it all the way to the lady's homestead will prove quite insistent that it be delivered into Ariel's hand alone. He might even linger for a reward; with any luck Ariel is not fool enough to give him a second payment for his services. But in any case, the note is simply penned, and reads as follows:

[INDENT]Sera O'Cynen:

It is my hope that we may speak soon, on a matter somewhat dire. I've lodgings at the Broken Dagger tavern; I will gladly meet you nearer to Myrkentown proper if you prefer.

In memory of your father, I ask this of you.

Ariane Emory