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Postby Sherazade » Wed Mar 28, 2007 5:33 am

Sunlight dappled the leafy canopy overhead, spread lacross the surface of the pond below. Ripples sent it scattering , ripples created by a pair of bare feet. Samariah giggled with delight, watching the tiny droplets raised fall back into the water, and then she lay back on the bank, an arm raised and angled over her eyes to shade them from the sun. Slowly the warmth of the day lulled her towards sleep. Just when sleep was about to claim her, she felt an odd tightness in her chest, a sudden upwell of panic and she jumped to her feet, and raced towards home.

Feet flew over the grass, her growing terror almost giving her wings, grasping branches, easily skirted, never had she passed with such wraithlike ease through the forest. Up the slope overlooking her village she went, the sound of the silver falls thundering in her ears, and amber orbs fell upon the horrfic sight below her.

The village was burning and there were strangers there dark skinned pointy eared strangers. Drow the words seared itself across her mind even as her soul wailed its denial.


Sam stirred restlessly in her sleep, no longer aware of the arms that still held her, of the warm form pressed against her back. Tears flowed in silence down her cheeks brought on by the pain the nightmarish memory was causing.


Stealthily now Sam left the overlook, slipped into the burning village, her skill for her age of 10 summers was uncanny. She had only one destination and that was home. "human whore" the words taunted sam's upswept ears as she pressed herself against a large boulder and peered round it towards her burning home. and there held by her glorious flame hued hair was her mother, her dress was in tatters, her body bruised and bloody. it was obivous she had been raped. Hands shoved themselves against her mouth to stifle the cry that wanted to erupted and Sam tore her gaze away, only to find the body of her father sprawled over the ground, and now not even her hands could kept back the sound.


"Daddy" It was a tortured scream that echoed within the dream and carried into the waking world, breaking the stillness of the night.
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