A Missive for the Provocatailor.

A Missive for the Provocatailor.

Postby Kylerryth » Sun Apr 29, 2007 4:20 pm

This missive, also penned by the Lord of Aldred, was slid beneath the tailor's shop door.

[indent]To Suede Roschen, provocateur and tailor:

Salve, Mr. Roschen. Good health and fortune to you.

I will be brief, for this is not the only letter I have written today; nor will it be the last.

I have heard of your instigative oration, and heard as well a lengthy account of what was actually said; and I must admit: I am intrigued. Despite your seeming reputation, I invite you to dinner at my estate. Despite her origins and her reputation, your guard is also welcome -- provided she is on her best behavior. I would discuss with you matters of interest, whether they be mine or yours or both.

I believe it will be an enlightening evening.

Please send reply at your convenience, Mr. Roschen.

Aston Jylan Aldred
Lord of Aldred
Councilor of Defence and Civil Security[/indent]
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