Carbon-copy warning.

Carbon-copy warning.

Postby channe » Mon Mar 10, 2014 12:26 am

Three letters are written:

To Ariane Carnath-Emory, Glenn Burnie, Kerrak al-Nerun:

There is a lady staying at the Broken Dagger. She is Razasani. Her name is Egris. She comes with a retinue -- a dwarf type, fighting men, and a shit ton of money. She's put her "protection" to Gloria the Seamstress and probably charmed her way through most of the patrons there with her "friend of the people" act. I am sure she has an ulterior motive; women like her in Razasan always do and from the way she treated me I am sure she is against our government somehow. She doesn't like me (yeah I know, nobody likes me, whatever) but she has not met any of you yet and I believe you should reach out to her and make her your "friend" and find out what she wants from Myrken Wood.

Because my gut tells me she is trouble.

-- Agnieszka
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