Renewal 2023

Renewal 2023

Postby Glenn » Mon Sep 18, 2023 8:00 am

Hi all,

Will repost what I posted to Paul's message last year:

The board is up again for renewal (mid-Oct). As always, it's $96 and I'll cover whatever I have to again this year (I can't promise this forever but for now, we'll keep rolling), but anything anyone can contribute is appreciated.

We still operate through paypal at If people need some more futuristic way of contributing, just let me know.

And here's the new bit: I really do want to keep the place going both for writing with Lynette and any of you who want to pop into my messages and say "Hey, Matt. Write with me!" I know there's only a handful of people that are visiting (logged in at least) but if you are reading what we're doing, I think that's great. If you're just rereading the words upon words you wrote years ago, also great.

If you can contribute, it's appreciated. If not, it's ok. Lights will stay on for at least another year.

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