Agnie's Journal

Agnie's Journal

Postby channe » Sat Oct 28, 2017 4:04 pm

twenty eight Oktober year 217.

dear Aleksei,

you always wanted me to improuv my writinge, so i will write you in this jurnal and imagine you are just over the border, a week away from coming home from Thessilayn. Your not but a girl can dream. You would really like Aniela right now she's REALLY CUTE ALL THE TIME especially when she's being a PIP. i supowse if i have to be a mama withowt you she is the consolation prize, I am reeding her some of your Books (not the dangerous ones) and she asks qwestions about you all the time, I tell her that you were the Most handsome and the Most valiant and the Most loved. Feck Thessilayn that place is trash trash trash and should burn.

I herd a few Rumowrs that Glenn Burnie was in town this week but when I went out to Find him nobody seemed to know where he was. Nela didant see him either but she says she was sure the Rumors were true. i was pissed off becawse i doant like going out becawse the Mob will kill me or I will have to kill Someone. i have to figure out how to Do this because eventually Aniela will hav to talk to people who aren't familee. and she will have to be Out There at school where i cant Protect her. Catch will kill her.

so the upshot is I have been reeding some of your Books too (yes the dangerous ones) and becaus of what happened in Razasan so many years ago I can actually do a lot of the shit inside!! and I have your Library and your Kit and soon I will be able to screw over all those basturds who let Catch run free murduring people and all those other murdururs who are FREE because they are MEN and i am trapt here because I am a WOMAN and a MOTHER and as such am TOO BROKEN TO LIVE. and Glenn Burnie who writes my sister and not Me and who can't even fecking APOLOGIZE and who comes to Myrken and leaves Myrken without FACING ME, and if I can exorcise the ghoste of Aeryn Karolinger and kill him again while I'm at it well. It will be a lovely day.

a Lot of people are going to get what they freaking DESERVE.

all my love,
Agnieszka Kaczmarek River, your Wife even now
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