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Postby Suede » Mon Apr 29, 2019 11:20 am

Kals sat on the step of the cabin he'd put together with Kacela, legs straight out in front of him in the dirt and back against the door frame. They rarely had visitors this far out into the woods, so he had no concern for appearances. He was barefoot as his boots were tossed nearby, his shirt was loose against his chest, and he made no effort to cover his face or scales. For the last few minutes his eyes had been unfocused as he enjoyed a simple day and warmer spring weather. Kacela was out but not so far off, as he could feel her dancing in the back of his mind.

Her hunting had been a good opportunity to do a bit of spring cleaning where he could gather up the junk they'd collected and didn't need. It's by and large all his, since Kacela had a much smaller concern for trinkets or property so he took it as his responsibility. While he'd been working he'd found that damn letter from Glenn he'd received over the summer. It had annoyed him then and he'd tossed it aside. It annoyed him today for he was slow to change his mind on things, but as time when on he mellowed even just a little.

It had taken him another half bell of rummaging about, but he'd found an old pendant that glimmered like a clear rain puddle in the light. It was one of Rhaena's trinkets he'd kept. A gift form their parents for a birthday... maybe a holiday. It was hard to keep track of it all, but it was her's so he'd held onto it when going through her things. And now it was sitting on his lap wrapped and packaged for delivery. He just had to take it into town and send it off with the same letter Glenn had sent him. Kals had no desire to really write a response, so he'd simple penned the word "Here" onto the back of the same paper. The fool wasn't an idiot. He'd get it.

Now he just had to convince himself that Glenn was worth it and take it into town. Maybe he'd do it tomorrow.
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