The Broken Dagger


Across the front of the tavern, the porch is a place for patrons to rest and enjoy the fresh air. A weatherworn swing seat takes up one end of the porch, and a long bench beneath the front windows provides further seating.

On passing through the heavy oaken doors one finds oneself in the common room – the heart of the tavern, the double-height ceiling supported by a single stout beam in the centre of the room with rafters branching off to each side. Much of the floorspace below is taken up by sturdy tables and chairs.

The common room boasts two fireplaces – on the left lies the main hearth, kept lit throughout the year and surrounded by a half-circle of well-upholstered furniture; on the right is the secondary hearth, only used in the depths of winter when additional warmth is needed.

Ahead, the bar stretches across most of the south wall of the room, open at the west end, behind which is a door leading to the kitchens and stores. The teak countertop displays the marks and scars of a long and often violent history. Behind the bar are shelves bearing row upon row of bottles, vials and decanters, an extensive array of exotic spirits and liqueurs.

In the far right corner a flight of stairs leads up to a gallery overlooking the common room and gives access to the inn’s guest chambers towards the rear of the building.