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#Broken Dagger is our primary IC channel, available for roleplay taking place in and around the Broken Dagger.

Channel History

Originally registered by Sorn sometime before 1995 on an internet relay chat service called Anothernet, #Broken Dagger continued to gain popularity for its in-depth plots and somewhat humorous characters.

Before long, the talent of role-players belonging to the channel increased; however, Anothernet decided to change their service from free to subscription. Since there was a discrepancy with whether to pay for the Anothernet services, Sorn decided it best to move the room and its players to another Internet Relay Network called Starchat.

From the channel's inception Sorn was eager to make the world of #Broken_Dagger into one that would be remembered through the years. He might not have known how true to life his wish would become.

Since its initial foundership, the Dagger has had a number of people in charge of its structure and environment. The longest running foundership to date, and the most significant changes to the community were made by Wendy, her co-founder, Mongrel, and their team of channel operators from January 20 2001 onwards. quickly became a central hub for all information regarding Trae Kelsa, the Amasynian Peninsula, Myrken Wood, and everything else that had to do with the RP that occurred in #Broken_Dagger.

The original website design was executed by Wendy shortly after the website's registration. It was later redesigned by Need in late 2001.

Wendy created an area map and descriptions of the lands surrounding #Broken_Dagger and its visitors.

The next major addition to the website was by Mongrel. He added the BD Forums to the website on November 29, 2002. The Forums are powered by the bulletin board of vBulletin.

Due to Need's departure from BD on May 14, 2003, the website's main navigational format went unchanged for nearly three years. On March 20, 2006, Carnath-Emory came to the rescue and added CSS navigation to the sidebar. In December 2007 Steve drew fancier maps for Myrkentown, Myrken Wood and the Amasynian Province, incorporating more information from the forums and wiki.

The next major site update came in February 2012, when Steve overhauled the website to run on a customised WordPress setup, transferred the forums from vBulletin to phpBB and restored the BD Wiki which had gone offline in the interim.

In August of 2014, the Broken Dagger migrated off the StarChat IRC network and relocated to DarkMyst.