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Founders of #Broken_Dagger are the head of the Channel Operator Hierarchy.

Founder is the title granted to the registrant of a channel on IRC. When an old Founder departs and a new Founder steps up, the nickname to which the #Broken_Dagger is registered is changed, therefore there is a new Founder.

List of Founders

  1. Sorn - (Resigned)
  2. ChromDome - (Resigned)
  3. Aralina - Founder for only two weeks - (Resigned)
  4. Tristen_ApBlanc - (Removed by StarChat)
  5. Wendy - Elected Founder by popular vote - (Resigned)
  6. Mongrel - Given Foundership by Wendy - (Resigned)
  7. Wendy - Given Foundership by Mongrel - (Resigned)
  8. Coran D`zir - Elected by popular vote - (Resigned)
  9. Wendy - From the ashes - (Resigned)
  10. Matt - Everyone else took three steps backwards - (Resigned)
  11. Steve - Volunteered (current founder)

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