Help:Adding your character

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To add your character to BDWiki:

  1. Go to the New character profile page, select View source, and copy the contents of the edit box.
  2. Search for your character's full name. Chances are that you'll get a page telling you there were no results matching the query, and inviting you to Create the page "YOUR CHARACTER'S FULL NAME" on this wiki! Click that link!
  3. Paste the code from the New character profile page into the edit box.
  4. Fill in the appropriate details. Please try to at least complete the Description section, as this provides a handy reference for other players. The Background subheadings are provided as suggestions, and are entirely optional. Ignore the <!-- comments --> tags.
  5. Click the "Show preview" button to check your formatting. If everything looks good, hit the "Save page" button. You now have a Character Profile page!