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I guess we'll start with the "Edit" tab. Just click on it and you will be presented with the code from which the page was generated. When finished with editing fill in the "Edit summary" field for future reference. Tick "This is a minor edit" if appropriate and tick "Watch this page" if you want the page on your watchlist. You are advised to use the "Show preview" button to check that your changes will display as desired. Then hit "Save page".

Formatting text

Almost any edit you are going to make will involve typeface modifications and the addition of layout elements.

  • Italicise text by enclosing it with two apostrophes on either side.
''italicised text'' displays as italicised text
  • Embolden text by enclosing it with three apostrophes on either side.
'''emboldened text''' displays as emboldened text
  • Create a bullet (like the one to the left) by entering an asterisk (*) at the beginning of a line.
  • Force an indentation by beginning a line with a colon (:).
  • Automatically number lines by beginning them with a number sign (#). The numbering stops after an empty line. It also stops when a line begins with a bullet or colon, but you can force the numbering to continue by putting a hash before them.

Headers are the basic structural element for Wiktionary entries. You create them by enclosing the title of the heading in equal signs (=). You will usually need the headers from level 2 (two equal signs on either side) through to level 5 (five equal signs on either side). The header of this section for example is a level 3 header and is generated by ===Formatting text===. Note that headers up to level 3 have their own edit tab next to them.

Further formatting options are available through tags. They mostly exist in pairs, the first one being of the form <xyz>, the second one of the form </xyz>. They affect everything enclosed by them.

  • <br> forces a line break.
  • <nowiki> and </nowiki> disable the interpretation of characters. For example
<nowiki><br></nowiki> displays as <br>
  • <pre> and </pre> create pre-formatted text.
  • <s> and </s> strike through text.
  • <small> and </small> shrink text.
  • A comprehensive list can be found on [].


You can link (we say "wikify") a word to its own article in BDWiki by simply enclosing it in double square brackets. You also have the option to link a term to some other BDWiki page by using the pipe symbol (|):

[[Broken Dagger (Inn)|The Broken Dagger]] produces the follwing link: The Broken Dagger

The page you would like to link to goes first, then comes the term you want to have displayed as a link.

For links to other websites a slightly different syntax is used. The double square brackets become single square brackets, and the pipe symbol is replaced by a space. Hence

[ The Official Broken Dagger Website] produces a link to The Official Broken Dagger Website.


If you are involved in a discussion on a talk page, it is considered good manners to sign your (user) name. Signing is most easily done by typing four tildes (~~~~), which will automatically be converted into your user name (linked to your user page) and a UTC time stamp.

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