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Creating brand-new entries is a great way to help BDWiki increase its breadth (and depth). Here is how you can start a BDWiki page:

Starting a Page

Simply type the word you would like to create an entry for into the "Search box" (usually displayed on the left of your screen) and click "Go". This will either bring you to the article if it already exists, or to a page informing you that no such article exists. In this case simply click on the red link "create an entry with that title" and an empty edit box will open up. Just type what you want in the edit box (see Help:How to edit a page). When you're finished use the "Show preview" button below the box to see what the page will look like. If the result is what you want then click the "Save page" button at the bottom of the page, and you have created a new article.

Starting a Page from an Existing Link

As you read through BDWiki entries, you can see clickable links in red and blue. The blue ones are to articles that already exist, the red ones are for articles that haven't been written yet. If you click on such a red link the same empty edit box as explained above will pop up.