Reynard Gaius Volpone

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Reynard Volpone's existence is, in short, not fairly well documented at all outside of a very few documents. It is known that this would-be master thief and acrobat has a considerable grudge against Aloisius Treadwell; in the past, Treadwell used Volpone, who calls himself "The Fox," for various excessively profitable thievery missions--and then promptly denounced him to the town guard in Westenford, Amasynia, after. As a long-term repayment for such, Volpone has since twice tried to slit Treadwell's throat and once tried to keep the gluttonous councilman prisoner in a tight cell while feeding him nothing but stolen pastries and ale. As of late, though, Volpone has made next to no appearances in Myrken Wood, leaving Treadwell to his own devices. He has shown his face--in a manner of speaking--once in recent months, though, capturing fairy king Richard Aengus's beloved queen, Deidre, with a net, in the mistaken belief that Aengus was Treadwell, as he had been saying he was. Now that the real Treadwell has returned and Richard's lie is being brought to light, what will happen to Deidre Aengus remains to be seen.