A Miserable Mess

A Miserable Mess

Postby Treadwell » Thu Aug 23, 2018 3:51 pm

Dreadful heat. Dry wind that does little to cool the skin. Locusts. What food stores the Tubbians could manage to save from the oncoming insects were gathered and put away safely enough, though, in this case, the bugs ate nearly as well as the men who serve Treadwell at the Church of Tubbius. Now, though, Mr. Treadwell rests at home tonight, nearly unclothed in bed, dripping sweat even in the darkness. He has ordered the Tubbian stores locked and secured in the face of these horrid creatures, but what is there to do about them? It would be nearly impossible to get outside and swat the things.

There is also the matter of it being a sweltering August with the risk of oncoming hunger. There is only so much saved up, and it must be rationed carefully among the needy.
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