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Personal stats

1  Seamstress
Last talked: 26.10. 0:13
Lines: 15101
Active days: 449/1041
Average lines per day: 34
Average letters per line: 323
Question ratio: 24%
Exclamation ratio: 2.7%
Weekly activity  Hourly activity  Last 20 days  Chats mostly with:

Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
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19.10.- 26.10.- 2.11.- 
The latest lines
26.10. 0:13<Seamstress> ...enslaved by traditions, the man mutters; Gloria's chin, meanwhile, bobs, as if with some complicit understanding. Her dull eyes are the color of molten lead, like two droplets set in the recesses of her flat, round face. "Aren't we all," she says. Then: "Use your -- your hands. Or people use their knives. Because they don't think they have any other option." Polite
0:13<Seamstress> as it is, her nod, her battered smile, her gaze lingers overlong on the half-elf in the corner before it dances toward Bern. Are we in the middle of a turf war I didn't know about? "No." Or were they? Gloria clenches her skirts until they're black and tacky with her foul sweat. "But you don't strike me as -- as the kind of person who aims to while away hours without purpose."
0:13<Seamstress> She swallows. "I want to know about--" Alcara "--Jig. I need to. Because--" The sentence doesn't end. Instead, she quarters Niabh, shares a long, unhindered, and unspeaking glance with the trickster of a woman. And then, in a flare of dusty, age-worn skirts, the girl turns and marches out the door of the Broken Dagger.
2 Catch
Last talked: 17.10. 1:41
Lines: 9250
Active days: 397/1041
Average lines per day: 23
Average letters per line: 314
Question ratio: 19%
Exclamation ratio: 3.9%
Weekly activity  Hourly activity  Chats mostly with:

Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
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The latest lines
17.10. 1:41<Catch> He had gone away, then. Gone away and come back. Bad and good. "I like th-th-that song," he says, tilting his head up to keep his eyes on Niabh, knowing she would help him - he needn't tilt his head very far. He trusts her; like a child he trusts, and he would let Niabh remove his hand and never cease that simple trust. Even Jasen, he trusts - he trusts the man to know, and
1:41<Catch> Jasen does. He does. He does not reach out to touch him. "And you're Wild. Full of good things." No, no, he would not say Tuatha. But Catch struggles to keep secrets, and what is a clear thing for him is difficult to keep. He knows Jasen would be burned; he knows Niabh would rot in an iron cage. The addled man lurches to his feet. Troubled thoughts need motion. "Th-th-there's
1:41<Catch> lots of, of wood need cutting," he says, as his lame excuse. Bare feet shuffle for the door.
3 Cherny
Last talked: 4.7. 15:21
Lines: 6829
Active days: 219/1041
Average lines per day: 31
Average letters per line: 322
Question ratio: 17%
Exclamation ratio: 2.8%
Weekly activity  Hourly activity  Chats mostly with:

Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
0-6 6-12 12-18 18-24
The latest lines
29.5. 22:55<Cherny> Shawe and Scorch alike; the lady in her nightgown is viewed somewhat askance, and then he's away, slipping to the door and out.
4.7. 15:21<Cherny> test.
15:21<Cherny> test.
4 Mekarie
Last talked: 23.9. 23:38
Lines: 5474
Active days: 187/1041
Average lines per day: 29
Average letters per line: 313
Question ratio: 16%
Exclamation ratio: 5.1%
Weekly activity  Hourly activity  Chats mostly with:

Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
0-6 6-12 12-18 18-24
The latest lines
23.9. 23:38<Mekarie> will-she wills always remember. Every-every night. She will always-she will always remember. I promise-promise, I-I swear. Always and always." Keeping things right in her head was far more troublesome than poetry and songs and riddles. Oh, how she wishes for new songs in her head, to help remove the muck and muddling that clutters her mind with words that will not move. Even
23:38<Mekarie> her favorite song of D Minor eludes her, making her tongue thick like nut butter held it to the roof, cloying it from moving and creating the sounds that would release her from these doldrums. "Why? Why, why, why..." The madwoman stops in her tracks again, biting a nail so viciously that it tears, bleeds at the quick. "Because iron-iron cages will drive one mad." A giggle,
23:38<Mekarie> the soft, faintest sound, and then it breaks into a girlish sound, the high-pitched giggling of a child, or a maniac, before Mekarie continues her way toward the Dagger.
5 Treadwell
Last talked: 1.11. 22:56
Lines: 4632
Active days: 363/1041
Average lines per day: 13
Average letters per line: 243
Question ratio: 40%
Exclamation ratio: 37%
Weekly activity  Hourly activity  Last 20 days  Chats mostly with:

Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
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The latest lines
1.11. 22:34<Treadwell> next to nothing, mmph mmph, and the Council now maintains a membership of nearly seventy, I think? We don't even have the power to appoint a meeting moderator thanks to all this idiocy and rot!" And thus Treadwell huffs to a stop--out of breath and nearly as red as his robe, huffing mightily for breath.
22:48<Treadwell> "You are no more a farm wife than I an underfed street urchin, dearie, mmph mmph." Another shake of the head. Jasen and Torgrim are left as they are for now, and Treadwell moves again to wheeze exhausted and deflated upstairs to his room.
22:56<Treadwell> Soon enough, a rummmmmbling series of snores echoes through the second floor. Treadwell, it seems, is fast asleep despite his usual protests about the quality of the beds.
6 Whelp
Last talked: 27.3. 19:30
Lines: 4557
Active days: 146/1041
Average lines per day: 31
Average letters per line: 315
Question ratio: 22%
Exclamation ratio: 1.6%
Weekly activity  Hourly activity  Chats mostly with:

Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
0-6 6-12 12-18 18-24
The latest lines
27.3. 19:06<Whelp> She would not be caught unaware next time; there would be protective measures in place. The crimson of her magic burned across her skin as she worked.
19:30<Whelp> The rune filled with color before fading away again. It would be a protected space, at least. The blade was tucked away again and her eyes stole up as a grunted greeting was offered from the landing above. She blinked at the rugged dwarf who jerked his head upwards for her to join him. Wanna talk. Bout the thing in the woods. Official like. His voice was rocks shifting over one
19:30<Whelp> another. The wildling hesitated, glancing at the kitchen door, before she nodded. She climbed the stairs and vanished into the room with the Kestrel's dwarf. The Lady Warden needed information and anyone who could stroll out of the forest like she owned it was worth a conversation.
7 Ailova
Last talked: 20.10. 21:25
Lines: 4383
Active days: 153/1041
Average lines per day: 29
Average letters per line: 308
Question ratio: 49%
Exclamation ratio: 20%
Weekly activity  Hourly activity  Last 20 days  Chats mostly with:

Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
0-6 6-12 12-18 18-24
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The latest lines
20.10. 21:17<Ailova> day to one another.
21:25<Ailova> Just as she ignored the talking farmers and peasants; the bandit ignored the Lord Steward. The last conversation shared with the man was nothing short of displeasing. She tipped heavily, grabbed her bottle and loped up the steps to the abovestairs, taking them two at a time. It was smart to retreat to her rooms. Trading quips with the child-eater would only sour the whiskey before
21:25<Ailova> it passed her lips.
8 Endymion
Last talked: 14.10. 17:41
Lines: 4286
Active days: 265/1041
Average lines per day: 16
Average letters per line: 291
Question ratio: 30%
Exclamation ratio: 12%
Weekly activity  Hourly activity  Chats mostly with:

Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
0-6 6-12 12-18 18-24
The latest lines
14.10. 17:19<Endymion> repeated 'Fly? fly! Fly papa!' Several times over to Endymion. 'Wings!' "Not now my little one." He hadn't taken the chick out for a flight in weeks, no months. Specifically for the reason of her not learning to fly yet. He turned to Niabh and nodded. "Hello.'
17:41<Endymion> was a most peculilar one indeed, though he had become more familiar and accostomed to this world by now. He was no long what Gloria had refered to as a petulant young man. He looked to Niahb with some concern now. One didn't just wake up in a field thinking it an entirely different time than it was. "Are you sure that you are well, my dear?" He asked and hiked Greer back up on
17:41<Endymion> his shoulders, the little one was getting fussy and insisting on flight again. "Yes. This is Greer." The name meant watchful or guardian, was there anything else Endymion would name his chick? "She is becoming aware of her world and wanting to know everything." And Greer confirmed this by pointing up and going 'Bird, papa! Bird! Fly?'
9 Elliot
Last talked: 22.4.2014 18:27
Lines: 3102
Active days: 119/1041
Average lines per day: 26
Average letters per line: 297
Question ratio: 31%
Exclamation ratio: 4.9%
Weekly activity  Hourly activity  Chats mostly with:

Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
0-6 6-12 12-18 18-24
The latest lines
2.3.2014 23:54<Elliot> frustrating, to the extent that it made his head pound, but it was there before him. It was obvious. So he would nod, smiling slightly at Cherny's kindness in trying to help the addled creature, who was anything but a donkey and then, with Gloria and Noura already gone, he would head towards the door with his young charge. Endymion would get a nod, but only that, even though they were
23:54<Elliot> leaving him with Catch.
22.4.2014 18:27<Elliot> Ok, new laptop charger arrived.
10 Cat
Last talked: 29.10. 11:36
Lines: 2845
Active days: 233/1041
Average lines per day: 12
Average letters per line: 249
Question ratio: 38%
Exclamation ratio: 25%
Weekly activity  Hourly activity  Last 20 days  Chats mostly with:

Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
0-6 6-12 12-18 18-24
19.10.- 26.10.- 2.11.- 
The latest lines
23.10. 23:36<Cat> "Sure, like that. On account o' I got nine lives an' all." Cat replied breezily. "Derry, huh? Betcha got a lot o' stories, huh? Y'gotta tell 'em t'me! ...But not righ' now, I gots some things t'do. 'bye!" And just like that, Cat was heading for the door.
28.10. 21:00<Cat> Humming quietly, the youth exited a room upstairs, pulling cap a little lower, ensuring that every strand of golden hair was hidden beneath it. The urchin started down the stairs, only to stop belatedly, doing something of a double-take as blue eyes peered down at those in the room below.
29.10. 11:36<Cat> hi

Most Curious on #BD_Elsewhere

  Nick Lines Written Random Quote
1 Seamstress  15101 "But I'm a very normal girl, Menna Dulcie. I've not much need for extravagance. And you--
" Her fingers jittered; her stomach sank, and she hesitated. But with Cherny's ale lofted aside
, she simply leaned out as if examining the long train on Dulcie's gown, then tilted the mug. The..."
2 Catch  9250 "Niabh. Niabh was... different. His eyes widen, and his charge is a slow stop. Yes. Yes, he
Saw, his lips trembling to articulate. Melacia, and white, and Niabh with no Masks. He cannot
speak, but he calls to her, holds out his arms. But that moment of shock, of Singing, is enough to..."
3 Cherny  6829 "glimpse of teeth there, almost a grin - something like amusement without anything as cheerful as
mirth. "It - N-noura's devil - it t-told me it was, was your f-fault. Probably so I'd g-get angry
at you, or, or h-hate you." He wrinkles his nose dismissively at the idea, absently turning..."
4 Mekarie  5474 "His chivalry was not noticed, not really. Mekarie was not in shock, but simply oblivious to her injuries
while helping N'vek. To the bar she helps him, only once inhaling sharply through her nose when
she misteps, stretching muscles that were...well, parts of some were simply not there. To the..."
5 Treadwell  4632 "Into the inn wobbles a familiar, winded, pipe-smokey Aloisius Treadwell in a purple suit a *bit* too
small for his current girth. At least his top hat and cloak fit reasonably well! He shuffles to a stop
once inside, mopping at his face with a handkerchief and leaning on his walking cane."
6 Whelp  4557 "did not seem as wary around her as he had previously and she did note the change within the
lad. A weapon, armor, unseen weight upon his shoulders. Whelp was not at all aware of the Fiddler
, was not aware of the children's deaths. Gloria, you must see him. Then, you will know what..."
7 Ailova  4383 ""Bloody feckin' nine hells.." Not exactly the odds she'd hope for or would bet on in her
favor. She held the sword with confidence, not shirking as they were shown the force that was
leaking out around them. All of them were monsters, just like that fellow Catch had said monster..."
8 Endymion  4286 "He nodded, bowing a little to Raia, a smile reaching his face. His human face by the way. "Very
well, my dear. In the future I shall announce my presense before appearing out of nowhere." He
knew she didn't know. Yet he still weighed the pros and cons of telling her, lest she accidently..."
9 Elliot  3102 ""Catch," His voice was soft, kind, caring in a way that he managed only for Catch, different
for how he talked to Niall or Nova, different than how he talked to Solena; closest, if one must know
, to how he'd speak to Solena's child. "No harm will come to her. Not if I have a say and it..."
10 Cat  2845 "Blue eyes grew round. "She put beads in y'air?" The urchin paused a scant moment
before oh-so-innocently continuing with: "Don' that mean y'be sweet'earts? Or mebbe you
an' Hrimfax be sweet'earts!" Oh yes, this was fantastic. "Can' get it from th' trees till..."
11 Carnath-Emory  2752 "with some hectic silvery sweat - but no more than that; no more. "Catch." It smells like
a slaughterhouse. Perhaps her mind only imagines it. Her stomach lurches, sickened; her blood
delights. "Catch." Like a quiet, quiet summons. "Let us step back a moment..."
12 Mercy  2662 "- soft...deferential."
13 Murrukh  2621 "The halfbreed waits patiently for his mug to fill, turning just enough to keep the wildling in the
corner of his eye; the sneer, the petulant insults and brandished blade earn her a sidelong frown
and a snort of irritation, but no further comment until he's poured his drink and thumbed the tap..."
14 N`vek  2600 "not, as she'd never been on Kevan's side to start, struck at the boy. She ran with a blade of her
own and Kevan hissed. Growled in a very inhuman manner as his appearnace soon matched
the call. Only unlike his other nightmares where the squidbeast attacked and ate himself, this time..."
15 Zilliah  2368 "Catch is so cautious around him! His eyes widen just a touch when the other man fears him hurting
him, the corner of his lips tugging up in just the slightest hint of an amused smirk. He listens to the
broken explanation with poise and grace; he has flown over the area and seen the tents and has..."

Most Cheerful on #BD_Elsewhere

  Nick Lines Written Random Quote
1 Seamstress  15101 ""I did not mean to; there was a potion I got on my hands, and it -- it made me very brave-...
...hearted. You see? And -- and that translated into giving a good punch." Justifying it
was not entirely something she could do; she tried to, certainly, though explaining it made it..."
2 Catch  9250 "He had his drink in his hands. He had his promise, though the way she delivers it resigns him to
the idea that she may be one of those who are very good at 'forgetting'. He fairly collapses, not
into a bar-stool, but into a nearby chair, his long legs splayed and scattered before him, beer-mug..."
3 Cherny  6829 ""It's n-not hers. It's h-her devil's." A correction there, a flicker of annoyance at the
whole issue that doesn't seem to have a resolution in sight. His head slumps to rest on her shoulder
for a moment, lifting only slightly so that he can inspect her face for a moment, to peer into bonnet-sh..."
4 Mekarie  5474 "thicker, fleshy leaves and onto the lawn with a peal of laughter, arms outstretched as she stumbles
several feet, looking upward, upward, the damp earth squelching beneath her feet but the clouds
thinned enough to see the stars overhead. "Follow me through the wise old trees, let us fall..."
5 Treadwell  4632 "To his feet, with a streeeeetch of arms and back as he fumbles for cane, stuffed 'til now between
plump thigh and plump cushions. Another yawn sees him off, shuffling sluggishly for the stairs.
Sluggishly? There is a certain wobbliness to him, much like a little slug bobbling about the floor...."
6 Whelp  4557 "Gloria was upset with them and Whelp paused, not knowing which to comfort. They were both
ranting, raving. No. Wait. I.. Gloria's hand struck Elliot's cheek and he pulled from Whelp's hands
, grasped Gloria's wrist. She stood and backed away from them both, overwhelmed with their..."
7 Ailova  4383 "problem. Perilat wasnae a fool. "It's th'feller from the docks, isn't it?" Oh my. "Elias.
Aye. I care fer 'im. And I think 'e care fer me. But this, there is nae banns bein' read, nor any declara...
...tions o' deep'r emotion." For now, she was not bespoken for, even if the other might have..."
8 Endymion  4286 "help but feel resentful of his situation, or as the seamstress had put it, petulant. Endy take me
away had, in a few days turned to her clinging to him and Calling him Aegius, the True Name she
'd given him. Endy take me away, Aegius bring me back... He had done so, and daringly with questions..."
9 Elliot  3102 "And there was Niall, who knew full well what Elliot might do with a little knowledge, who knew
better than anyone and knew well enough what Catch might do in the wrong situation, who had
told the rogue to be careful, and likely, by telling him that, had meant that he ought not encounter..."
10 Cat  2845 ""I jus' 'eard y'were 'ungry s'all. Dead dwarf?" The youth questioned curiously. "The
one what travels wi' the Sera from Razasan? Or a different dwarf?" How many dwarves
were there running around Myrken? Or not running around, if they were dead, Cat supposed...."
11 Carnath-Emory  2752 "some point - and because Niall clearly understands Catch as well. Just that, and perhaps some
inclination towards asking of potions - but there's a stirring at the door now, a presence there
which at first she mistakes for something else entirely, but so briefly. Really so briefly. Some small..."
12 Mercy  2662 "an air of laziness, though no less sincerity. "I'm fitting in fine, I suppose. I just...it's been quiet
, and I still haven't seen that one patient that I was telling you about...and I got a lecture today.""
13 Murrukh  2621 "well make sure he's comfortable, if he's to be out here for a while, though there's a suspicious
glance for the treeline every now and then, as if to watch for any rumoured beasts lurking
14 N`vek  2600 "After the first bread dipped nibble, N`vek's mental fears ebbed away and he started to enjoy the
meal more and more. He missed this stew! And attention was turning to the two girls on his side.
He'd answer for himself in due time, but right now Noura was speaking. But much of what Karie..."
15 Zilliah  2368 "-He showed me. He seems confused about the entire thing.- He pauses, looking down at the now
murky water after finishing the preening. -He does not understand what has happened, not fully.
How is Gloria?- Was the fae showing actual concern for the girl instead of his usual disdain? He..."

Most Irritable on #BD_Elsewhere

  Nick Lines Written Random Quote
1 Cherny  487 ""I n-never said you asked him. Or, or t-told him." No such accusation made, though his
glance towards the man notes where responsibility lies for a farmer crushed and likely crippled
, if he lives at all. The spiteful delight with which he recounts the tale has Cherny's frown deepening..."
2 Catch  364 "as he feels the silver. He pulls his hand away, rubbing his fingers together, thrusting his index
finger childishly into his mouth to taste. "Stop it," he says around his finger. "St...
...op." He teeth come down hard, and he turns to stare at the Greets, to glare, his brains..."
3 Mekarie  329 "The fledgling might be considering himself an adult, but Mekarie would not, and not for a very, very
long time. The immaturity made her frown, and it would make it worse had she seen the faces
he had given her. You've seen me, wh-when I was small. There is a pause in her, like a deer..."
4 Seamstress  284 "half-orc, she only manages -- "I -- I never struck him. I didn't--" before she grits her
wretched teeth against the sting on her brow. Whenever fabric wipes away blood, the gap gushes
anew. I want - I want wh-what's mine! "Murrukh," the seamstress mutters, "it..."
5 Murrukh  277 "own entertainment offering commentary on the confrontation between Catch and the other one
, and glances up in time to see the madman take hold of those overlong locks. "Hey! Curly!
" A curt bark to get the man's attention, and a fierce frown and shake of his head should..."
6 Cat  261 "Arms folded across skinny chest and the urchin scowled at the seamstress. "Well fine. Y
'be jus' fine, Gloria. Y'c'n stay 'ere an' puke y'guts out s'much as y'wan'." Gloria looked past
the child and Cat was quick enough to catch that, tossing a blue-eyed glance back as well. Oh...."
7 Treadwell  238 ""Besides that? Two children to my previous wife, long gone from here, hmm hmm, and my
eldest daughter Babette by my *first.*" Tready's jolly merriment quickly tumbles and disappears
; a frown, grave and solemn, creases his fleshy lips around his pipe."
8 Whelp  226 "was the chick to think about and parasites to pluck free. Parasites currently huddled within her
cloak with the bird. Gloria allowed herself a brief moment of amusement before the scowl was
back and she licked the grime from her gloves. Her nose scrunched with distaste. Gloria, I have..."
9 Son  211 "Reform. Son turns his bulbous head towards her, and his frown only deepens. Reform. She
'll always be a smelly, no-good Foriegner, is what she would be. Son could not fathom a reform
, because how could he reform what had made him? The ugliness, he would trade for an instant..."
10 Endymion  169 ""I can feel what that foul object is..." He muttered, glancing from it to Kie's neck. "You
are right to be wary of letting this away from you... It has strong emotional ties to you... You were
little when you wore it, correct? Then it did have power... it may have stuck in your mind and you..."
11 Elliot  145 ""I don't just move on from those I care about, Noura." Though he paused, even frowned.
There was something true in what she said but it wasn't really about her. "It'll be more difficult
if you're not part of what we're building, but we'll still be friends;" It would just make something..."
12 Niall  123 "Niall blinked. She started to say something, but stopped, reconsidered. A simple statement, indeed.
The girl scowled. "And you are saying that I do not.""
13 Carnath-Emory  116 "speaking. It reassures in the one moment; it appalls in the next; absolutely none of this is Treadwell
's fault but in the midst of those last words she's rounded on him, all widened eyes and sudden
frown - "That is exactly why it should never have happened. And with Catch!" Inc..."
14 Scorch  98 "*He grins at Eri "Nah, ego is all where its suposed to be" *Maybe too much of it however.
He looks to Briant "Seriously? this is a -tavern-, S*** this is -where- people usualy go to swear
, I didn't say anything -that- bad" *He scowls, getting irritated."
15 Nova  96 ""He was doing his job..." Nova muttered tiredly, looking up at Elliot. His determination
was not met; frankly, she just looked a bit exhausted. Things were growing ever more frustrating
to deal with, but the kiss to her forehead at least made her smile. Showing 'them' seemed like a..."

Big Numbers

Briant was either being philosophical or just plain clueless - 54% of lines contained questions.

Petronela was almost as bad, having a question ratio of 49%.

Seamstress seemed to prefer talking to themself, writing over 5 lines in a row 127 times...

Carnath-Emory also liked talking to themself - caught on camera 100 times.

Chat partners

(they really like talking to each other...)

1 AilovaMekarie
2 CatchSeamstress
3 Carnath-EmorySeamstress
4 ChernySeamstress
5 EndymionSeamstress
6 MekarieSeamstress
7 WhelpSeamstress
8 WhelpCherny
9 MurrukhSeamstress
10 MekarieSerrus

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4 Endymion  265
5 Cat  233
6 Cherny  219
7 Mekarie  187
8 N`vek  173
9 Ailova  153
10 Scorch  146
11 Whelp  146
12 Zilliah  129
13 Elliot  119
14 Phor  112
15 Niall  110
16 Mercy  107
17 Murrukh  105
18 Agnieszka  94
19 Tennant  84
20 {[  73

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1 (0.3%)
1 (0.3%)
0 (0%)
2 (0.6%)
5 (1.5%)
6 (1.8%)
11 (3.2%)
30 (8.8%)
45 (13%)
52 (15%)
53 (15%)
65 (19%)
55 (16%)
16 (4.7%)

#BD_Elsewhere relation map

#BD_Elsewhere relation map generated by mIRCStats v1.24
• Line thickness corresponds to the relation strength
• Line colors show the relation importance for each nick
  More important           Less important

mIRCStats v1.24 © Mikko "Ave" Auvinen