Anno Regalis

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Anno Regalis ("In the Year of the King"), abbreviated as AR or A.R., defines an epoch based on the monarchical ascension of the Plaudart family to the throne of Trae Kelsa. Upon the coronation of Chedwry I, the King's first act was to change the calendar year signifying the new era of regal lineage in Trae Kelsa. Therefore, 1 AR. was the first year of King Chedwry I's reign.

It is currently the year 218 AR.

Numbering of years

As an explanation of how the timeline works, the current Trae Kelsan year is defined in synch with the current mundane year, with the elimination of the 'hundredth' digit. In other words, 2003 corresponds to 203, 2004 to 204, 2005 to 205, etc.

There is no year zero. AR 1 is the first year or epoch of the Anno Regalis era. Incidentally, it corresponds with 1801 AD.