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The Badgers, as they are collectively called, are a semi-organized group of bandits, freedom-fighters, anarchists, and loyalists that are, in principle, sworn to take Derry back from Thessilane, and to drive the Occupiers and Intruders out of their homeland.

The People

Most Badgers are unlearned peasantry, craftspeople, former militiamen, and - in some rare cases - former members of the Guard. The average age is quite young, with a bulk of the small forces consisting of those who had been too young to oppose Thessilane in the initial fighting. Mountain-and-Fjord folk tend to outweigh the ones from the more gentler, Southern plains of Derry, simply due to access and localized word-of-mouth, for the Badgers tend to operate in these areas rather than directly face the horses of Thessilane.

Tactics and Weaponry

The average Badger wears stolen books and coats stolen off Thessilane soldiery themselves, along with any weaponry picked from the battlefield. Due to the general, untrained nature of the rabble, they prefer guerrilla tactics, taking advantage of their knowledge of the mountain paths to stage accidents, skirmishes, and theft of Thessilane goods, and those manufactured by known sympathizers. With their small, mountain ponies, they can hit almost anywhere along the roads. They prefer bows, slings, and axes, being as a rule untrained in swordwork.