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She came to Myrken Wood on a day of sunshine and merriment, but Lokelei, child of the dream-eater Arondiel, never had any desire to make the lives of the common people easier to hold up against in the dark times that had befallen. Glorious to behold with golden hair and golden skin, a glow that shined upon her, it would be easier to believe that she'd arrived in a beam of light with welcoming arms - prepared to receive the people and bring them through the gates of heaven. Her angelic mother Mehetabel, no longer living, will never be thanked for the dreadful deception, for it was a darker will that compelled her - and from the first moment that she arrived, she was bent upon making everyone's reality as disgusting and bitter as her own. Lacking in essentials such as compassion and morality, she had a great store of endlessly cruel humour and a general excitement for anything involving pain - even if she was the one enduring it.

The first person that Lokelei ever met in the Broken Dagger was Alli, and her obsession with physically and mentally tormenting the child has only grown since that fateful day; her reasons are only strengthened by the child's connection with the bane of Loke's existence - Reverie the elf. It was fate that the angel-demon ever saw the dainty elfling's crime in the forest, and although Reverie begged her not to tell the law, Loke swore that she would spread the word to the farthest reaches and destroy her forever. Reverie's anger and fear of Loke was only strengthened when the demon bargained with kind-hearted Kaelum and acquired his precious medalion and hat for the prices that Loke always demanded.

The pure, true singing arrow that the elf sent through the demon's throat changed Lokelei's miserable life forever.