Alwyn Swithin

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Younger brother of Gorje Swithin, and a friend of the family Kaczmarek, Alwyn was employed for many years as the herbalist in the family business: an apothecary located on the southern end of Myrkentown's Haberdash Row. He was also one of the Order of the All's younger members, a fact which he successfully hid from his brother for several years.

Similarly, Gorje hid his membership from Alwyn, all of which secrecy made for some very tense and uncertain lunches together indeed.

In early March of the year 206, Alwyn was murdered, the third victim of a spate of retaliatory slayings which swept the Order at that time. The act was interrupted by Alwyn's brother -- who soon became a victim himself, abducted directly following Alwyn's death. By dawn of the next day, tongue carved away and limbs pierced through with knives, Alwyn's corpse had been removed to the side of Hugh Fletcher's Myrkentown shop. Here the morning crowd gasped and gossiped over the corpse -- and the bloody words scrawled by the its side: 'Surrender him'.