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Type Regional Capital
Description Walled town
Region Amasynian Province
Subregion Myrken Wood
Population 3,500

Myrkentown is the regional capital of Myrken Wood territory in the Amasynian Province of the Kingdom of Trae Kelsa.


In the shadow of the Sikasoon Mountains and nestled in the valley where the East Mavoiir River flows into Silver Lake, the walled settlement of Myrkentown lies on the North Passage Down where it meets the road to Gilroy Pass, and a short distance north of the junction between the North Passage Down and Derry Row.


As the seat of local government Myrkentown is home to the Governor's Meetinghouse; the original timber building was destroyed in the Autumn of 206 AR and replaced by a more substantial stone-built structure, construction of which was completed in 209 AR.

The town boasts several churches dedicated to the One True Faith, with the Chapel of St. Iona foremost among them in tending to the townsfolk's spiritual needs; the Library of Mudd meanwhile serves as a local centre of scholarly learning.

Myrkentown boasts a number of taverns of varying quality, and a wide array of merchants, artisans, craftsmen and traders maintain stores and workshops where customers may purchase or commission a variety of goods and services.


Law and order was formerly maintained in Myrkentown and across Myrken Wood as a whole by the now-defunct Order of Straka; after that organisation was disbanded law enforcement fell into the hands of the Brotherhood of Janeiro, and more recently has passed to the jurisdiction of the Myrkentown Constabulary, which maintains the Governor's Peace within the boundaries of Myrkentown itself. The Constabulary operates out of a converted drovers' yard in the southern district, commonly referred to as simply The Yard.

Firefighting squads are made up of volunteers who also serve throughout the land of Myrken Wood.


Myrkentown is protected by a number of defensive measures which serve to shield the town from assault by conventional and arcane means; the Myrkentown Wall is the most obvious of these defences, but is augmented by more subtle measures including the Cascade, which wards against destructive magics, and the reach of the Portcullis, which serves to disrupt the use of magical gates for large-scale troop movements throughout Myrken Wood.


Given its site at the meeting of Myrken Wood's main trade roads, the town holds prime position to benefit from traffic and trade passing through the territory east-west between Derry and Amasynia, and north-south between New Dauntless and Heath. Most of Myrkentown's prosperity comes from this trade, and from serving as a marketplace for goods from the surrounding forests and farmland. In addition to these mercantile interests, the south-east district forms the town's centre of industry, with various sawmills and warehouses belonging to timber merchants who base their wealth on lumber floated down the East Mavoiir River from logging concerns in the foothills of the Sikasoon Mountains.


From Myrkentown, one can take the north-east road to Gilroy Pass through the Sikasoon Mountains and on into Derry, though the pass is only open during the summer. To the south of town near the Broken Dagger Inn, the longer but more reliable Derry Row forks off to the east for those going to and from Derry.

Myrkentown is also well-connected for river travel, with boats and barges carrying cargo and passengers north as far as the Paisiann Falls, and up the West Mavoiir River into Amasynia.