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Darkenhold is a Keep located southwest of Myrkentown, where the Sagpa River meets the Silver Mountains. It is a newly erected, elaborate structure planned out by the architect Syl Duquesne and built by his hired men. A wall of stone with a gatehouse surrounds its well-kept yards, though the property itself extends to apple orchards, a lake, and a small section of forest.

The front yard has a fountain and a few newly planted saplings; vines and trees are clear of the walls on either side for security reasons. There is a stable for war horses and dray horses as well as a forge. Though its rarely been used yet, to the rear of the building is a makeshift arena, where the ground is flat with dust and there are padded dummies on sticks, for combat games. There are targets for archers and suspended rings for lancers on horseback.

Upon entry, there is a foyer with weapon-racks for guests to put away their blades in a show of peacefulness. Further in, the interior of the building has a vast fire hall with tapestries on its walls, a central hearth, rugs and comfortable chairs. There is a spiral staircase leading up to the bedchambers, and there are downstairs hallways branching off through the building -- leading to different locations such as the kitchen, the library, a training room and an armoury bright with weapons.

Visitors are welcome and travellers are offered free lodgings and supper, as staying in the forests or the mountains can be dangerous at night; such persons will find themselves warmly welcomed but dutifully questioned in regards to their name and destination and politely watched-after in exchange for this particular charity.