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Pritchard was an extensive bar bot, created and maintained by Mongrel. Pritchard tended bar at the Broken Dagger for almost five years.

The heavyset barkeeper was known for his thick accent and constant grumbling. However, those who knew him well knew that he was really a big softy. He always enjoyed hearing about the adventures of his patrons.

On a cold night in early March 2005, a drunken brawl erupted in the common room and spiralled unexpectedly out of control. In the resulting melee, Pritchard and a couple other patrons stood in the defense of the Dagger. Three lives were taken that night and one of them was Pritchard's own. The tension of the battle proved too much for the man and he succumbed to heart failure moments after driving the mob from his tavern.

In his absence, the Broken Dagger is a little quieter, and the young men and women who've stepped forward to fill his position do so with some trepidation.


The thread "Broken Dagger Cards" on the BD Forums involved creating Magic: The Gathering cards inspired by characters. This is the card inspired by Pritchard.