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Mongrel started his venture into online free form role-playing in 1994 on Prodigy.

His very first character was a vampiric Scotsman named Schmitty MacLean. The character was originally meant to be as cheesy as his name, but as time went on the character grew serious and so did Mongrel's interest in RP. He was surprised how emotionally invested he could become with these characters and was very excited to create more.

One of the highlights of Mongrel's early RP career was when he was invited into the royal family of Delium. He was asked to play Jarrad Rose, the uncle and surrogate father of Queen Chantaclair Rose. Mongrel later went on to play Telveran, the High Judge of Vescule, ruler of the Kingdom of Darkness.

When Prodigy died, Mongrel migrated to web-based, bulletin board RP like WBS and CommunityZero.

It didn't take long for Mongrel to find IRC and when he did he worked on creating his own RP channels, like the #Faded_Myth_Inn, which was based in the world of Jehanum. However, he became much more interested in IRC scripting and the creation of bots. It was then that he started to program Pritchard.

After a brief RP with Wendy, Mongrel and she became fast friends. So, when Wendy took over the Founder role for #Broken_Dagger, it was a no-brainer that he joined her team. Although Mongrel had basically retired from RP at that point, he still did cameos now and again.

When Wendy went on hiatus, Mongrel took over the Foundership. He helped run the show for a while until Wendy said that she would come back. It was then that Mongrel decided to sever his ties with IRC.




NPCs Created

(Note: Please feel free to reference any of the Non-Player Characters below in your RPing. Note that the deceased NPCs have a skull.gif next to them, so make sure you don't have the dead ones up and wandering around in your play.)