Richard Aengus

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Richard Andrew Aengus
Tready Goofy Fairy JPG.JPG
Title(s) King of New Hibera; King Richard II
Archetype Mischievous fairy king
Hair Colour Bald/Pink
Eye Colour Pink
Height 3"
Build Immensely rotund
Notable Features Excessive girth; pink skin and glow; pink wings
Born August 12, 311 years ago
Old Hibera
Spouse(s) One wife (divorced)
Children One adopted child (missing)
Profession Fairy monarch
Religion Devout member of Church of Tubbius


Richard Aengus is a fairy king born in the Kingdom of Old Hibera but who has ruled New Hibera following a divide between the two lands. He is elderly at 310 (turning 311 in 218 AR) of a typical Hiberan fairy's 400 years, with pink skin, pink hair, pink wings, and a pink magical glow. With the established color-based caste system in the Hiberan kingdoms, as a "pinkwing," he was bound for royalty by virtue of his birth. The pillowy-bearded Richard is obese, on the same level as Aloisius Treadwell from Myrken Wood, and thus is unable to make extended use of his slight, thin wings. For clothing, he favors mostly pink, purple, or lavender robes with his silver circlet of a crown.



Born in Old Hibera and former monarch there before the divide into the Old and New kingdoms, Richard found himself relocating to Myrken Wood many years ago and establishing New Hibera there. His time there brought him in contact with human authorities on many occasions, most notably former Governor Maxwell Beauregard when time came for a peace treaty to be established to save the starving fairy kingdom. He also encountered Aloisius Treadwell on numerous occasions, initially seeing the Councilor as a reviled enemy for roasting and eating one of Richard's advisors. This led to Richard shrinking Treadwell, capturing him, and attempting to ruin Treadwell's standing among his human peers. Treadwell's ultimate escape forced the King to reconsider his tactics so as not to bring the wrath of the Councilor on New Hibera. Eventually, Richard and his half-brother, Dr. Orin Barrin, became loyal Tubbian followers, paving the way for the entire kingdom to join them in worship of Tubbius.

The Broken Dagger

Richard Aengus rarely, if ever, frequents the Broken Dagger, finding "bigling" establishments quite dangerous at his small size.

The Present

The king spent much of 213 AR asleep. He had accidentally ingested the egg of a Hiberan rock rodent, an animal that on hatching establishes a symbiotic relationship with its fairy host by taking up residence in the wall of the stomach, and his half-brother/physician promptly put him into a magically induced, nourishing sleep so he could monitor the animal's growth until he could remove it. After nearly ten months of inactivity on the doctor's part and continued growth on the part of the rock rodent, the doctor finally removed it.

On awaking, Richard claimed he was missing a pair of daughters, named Lora and Lara. On being slapped back to sense by the doctor, the king roused himself and went about his business until three months later, in January 214 AR. From then until 20 April 215, the tiny monarch was deeply delusional due to his extended symbiotic relationship with the rock rodent, firmly believing himself to have undergone a magical transformation of his gender and name to be called Marian Aengus, as well as believing himself to be divinely blessed with four children and ultimately married to Oswald Grimley, ruler of Old Hibera. Through what seems mere good fortune, Richard came to his senses for good in an emotionally difficult period. Since then, he has been carefully watched by his half-brother, who ruled the kingdom in the king's extended illness. However, Richard, now returned to complete sanity, is again in complete control of New Hibera.


Richard Aengus has occasionally surfaced in relations with Myrken Wood.